WM + MP = right now


I know it's technically spring, BUT it feels a little more like winter at the moment!

We've been enjoying the warmth of a few families spending their spring breaks serving at Whisper Mountain! Yeah…pretty awesome!
Along with that awesomeness comes a coupla visiting summer staffers! You may recognize Hope and Emily! They have had some firsts on this visit with us!
Hope emily
So fun! Along with that awesomeness comes sledding–backwoods style!

Such good times! There has been a little work getting done, but I must say the snow has been an enjoyable distraction for everyone! Something magical about that white stuff!
Snowday11And something warming about people sharing in such magic!
Also Noteworthy: TODAY IS MARTY's 5? th BIRTHDAY!!
I think he's pretty worth celebrating! Give him a shout out if you wanna!!
With a wink and smile, Happy Hump Day!

He’s 30!

// Sorry for lack of pics…internet's down at the office! //

Though I'm sure his parents had moments of doubt along the way, Ramsey has made it to true adulthood! He's thirtayyyyyy!!!!!

Ramsey is an awesome part of our WM team, of which we'd hate to ever ever have to do without! Aside from the humor (and occasional tude…shhh!), Ramsey carries a major part of the work load for all things property. (If you get our newsletter, you've recently read about his work in this "off" season!) Of course, he always has a lively story to retell from some big happening (usually his frequent encounters with european hornets!) that keeps us entertained!

After having walked life with him for a piece of his journey, I think our staff would all agree that the best parts of Ramsey are his growing love for God and expanding willingness to allow God to fill him more and more! We look forward to seeing how God continues to move and work in and through this guy!

So, if you know Ramsey (and even if you don't!), let him know how awesome he is! (don't worry, I'll carry a pin to work on Monday in case his head blows up too big!)

Meanwhile, we're off to work, then some playing! Happy Friday…partyin', partyin' yeah! 

Uncomfortable Places

In mid December we (briefly) celebrated Whisper Mountain's 3rd birthday (of being in Robbinsville).  Times like this always bring about a little revelry for me! I can't help pondering and remembering the road traveled to this place of camp ministry.The-RoadThe road has looked a little different for each of us, but one thing has been common: we have each had moments of pure, undeniable discomfort.  (Still do!) Following God in the vague direction of his pointing is like giving a young child the broad command of "Go clean your room!". A child needs and longs for more specific detail than that…put your cars in the box, stack your books, etc! I've no bones to pick about God being the perfect Daddy, but I must say that I disagree with His method of vague pointing:).  Still, it is what it is! (that's for you shauny-baby!).  I know His heart to be about keeping me clinging to Him.  Clinging The vagueness (ie:uncertainty, cluelessness, not knowing) has a way of ensuring I keep the cling!! Doesn't Psalm 119:105 say God's Word is a lamp to my feet…not a nice row of streetlights!

In Carol Cymbala's book He's Been Faithful, she says, "If you really want God to use you, then you have to be willing to follow him into uncomfortable places and to do things you simply can't do on a natural level."

In celebrating this camp ministry, we recognize that God has allowed us each to do things we simply can't do on a natural level.  The more we are willing to follow Him into these uncomfortable places, the more we are able to Proclaim Him…and that's the heart of our journey!