A Big Day + a giveaway

Whisper-Mountain-BirthdayToday’s a big day for WM! Big days generally require donuts! Although we’ve completed 8 summers of camp, today marks the 8th birthday of God providing the land for Whisper Mountain Camp!

Whisper-Mountain-Marty-BdayOh my goodness, you guys! Marty prayed for free land and after waiting painfully long and going through some dark days, God provided! God always hears and He always answers — though never within our logical time frame. Can I get an amen?! (If you’ve never heard the story of our beginnings, be sure to ask us when you come next time!)

Whisper-Mountain-Birthday-BundleTo celebrate WM’s Birthday, we have a couple party favors for you!! We are giving away a bundle of goodness for one person to receieve this book, a hoodie, some coffee and a mug. But we couldn’t leave everyone else out so we are also offering 25% off your order in our online store!

Whisper-Mountain-Party-FavorUse the code Big 8 when you order — this week only! Offer ends Saturday at 8:00pm. To enter the bundle of goodness giveaway, leave us a comment here telling us your favorite Christmas movie! We will randomly select a winner this Friday!

Whisper-Mountain-Birthday-DonutThanks for being a part of our journey in camp ministry! We like how we go together like donuts and coffee! Happy Birthday to us!

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Charlie Brown 🙂


remembering that first weekend! (pictures added!)

***Update! Found some pics! Random People captured them!***



Archive-MounumentSix years ago this Memorial Day, Whisper Mountain had its first Grand Opening! The weekend was beautiful and packed full of the excitement of finally launching this amazing, long anticipated and prayed for, miracle-start ministry. As with anything new, the optimism and support (and energy!) was flying high! Many, many people came to share in the celebration, many driving from Florida where the base of the support was coming from!

Archive-WernerOur little family of four had been living in Charlotte at the time. I remember carrying our weekend things out of our little house and loading our little car, worrying I was forgetting something. We were heading to Selah's preschool graduation that morning, anticipating the drive into the mountains following. Shaun would meet us there the next day after finishing out his work week!

Archive-MountainsWith starbucks in hand, the happy chatter of two little girls in the back, we headed into a weekend that would soon become our lives. In all my excitement, I forgot the flowers I was to pick up in the city on my way out, which allowed me to rub elbows with the inconveniences of small town living. In all my excitement, I bypassed the exit off the big road and headed into Tennessee instead, discovering the frustration of patchy cell service in the mountains. I didn't know, couldn't know, all the changes, struggles, work and letting go that was in store for us. 

Archive-SelahDadRosy colored lenses can sometimes keep us from seeing the rough of life. But that's not all bad, is it? If we knew all we would be called to endure ahead, we may not be willing to get started at all! In our faithful walking we are able to see the struggles becoming worth it because something greater is attained!


Archive SlideWhisper Mountain Youth Camp started off with such excitement and such a crowd! We had seen God move in a big way. We anticipated such movement in the road ahead.

Archive-SwingSix years later, after the rush of stepping out in faith, after the crowd dispersed, we feel more tired, more strained, more unsure, but we still see God move in big ways and we cling to Him more readily. We anticipate more of Him in the road ahead! Thank you to those who have come alongside us from the start! Thanks for believing in the vision! Your investment in God's work really is amazing! We joyfully carry on!