Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Amanda

Get ready for some awesome to be inserted into your day! Amanda is on the stage!

Amanda at Whisper Mountain Camp

If you were to meet Amanda, you’d find someone super humble and sweet; you’d find a new best friend!

Amanda has returned this year after shining as a GIT last year! (click that and take a looksy!) Since her promotion as a Guide, we have seen Amanda step up in many ways but still hanging tight to her hard work ethic and doing whatever it is that needs doing!

Low Ropes

Her attitude continues to be among the best on our staff, always remaining cheerful and willing! That’s hard to do, especially as the summer wears a person out!

Rec Crew.jpg

She is quick to find the people that may not have someone to talk to and reaching out to make them feel a part! She’s sweet and someone you’d want to spend time with!

Amanda Cart

Thank you, Manders, for being such a top notch human! We really, sincerely, completely would hate to do without you! Thanks for being here!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Chaz

Chaz Title Pic

Chaz, the GIT with pizzazz! (It rhymed, folks, just go with it!) His initiative and sincere care are just two things I automatically think of when I think of Chaz! Every time I turn around, it seems I catch him seeing a need and meeting it!

Chaz Balance

Chaz has a good balance of responsibility and fun, which I believe is a great combo for life! Reliable but knows how to laugh, smart but lives in humility. Great combo, I say!

Chaz GIT Gator

As a GIT (Guide In Training), there are jobs that aren’t fun or take him away from all that’s going on, but he always works with such a positive attitude! And we all know attitude is a leaking of the heart — speaking so much about a person!

Chaz paintball

His servant heart, sincere interest in others, and desire to keep growing and being shaped like Christ are what mark Chaz’s place here on our summer team!

Chaz Hello

Thank you for serving with us this summer, Chaz! Your influence on the teens coming through our gates is far reaching as you shine Jesus and exemplify godly manhood to them! We appreciate you!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage | Kinsley

Kinsley Title Pic

Kinsley shared with us in her testimony that she has not always been happy about being a camp kid. Having to be at camp for every school break, all summer long, and a lot of weekends is tough! While her friends were off vacationing or doing nothing at home, she was often at camp serving or watching us serve! She continued to share in her story that God really grabbed her heart two years ago and last fall she felt the urge to apply to be a GIT (Guide In Training)! She wasn’t sure she wanted to do that, but wanting to follow God meant more to her, so she applied! We put her through the ringer, but she made the cut!

Kinsley Hugging

The community of love and friendship she has been swallowed by (among the summer staff) has been life changing for her over the past couple years! It’s a beautiful thing to behold!

Kinsley Clumsy

Kinsley makes people feel welcome because she doesn’t have a problem being real! And she’ll likely find everything you say to be pretty hilarious!! Clumsy, goofy, filled with laughter — she’s a trip to hang with!

Kinsley Archery

But she’s also on point when it comes to aiming to follow Jesus and live a life reflective of him. Her humility, desire to grow, willingness to do hard things and remain teachable are some of the qualities helping her to be shapable as a leader!

Kinsley Beauty.jpg

When life has been hard, Kinsley has chosen to hide herself in Christ. When people haven’t understood her or have misunderstood her, she has shown great humility in continuing to be Christlike. When she falls from where she’s striving to be, she is tenderhearted and yearns for God to have His way.

Kinsley Rock

Kinsley has a heart for people and her willingness to get outside her comfort zone to reach them has been a gift to witness. We are pumped to have her part of our summer team!!

Thanks for serving with us Kinsley!

DISCLAIMER: This is all from a mother’s point of view, but you would find all this to be true of her too if you know her even a little!


Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Chelsea

You guys know Chelsea Starr, right? (see her on the 2012, 2013 stages) Well, if you don’t know her, she’s on the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!


Chelsea has served with us for so many years that when she decides she needs to move on, it’s gonna hurt kinda big — in the best of ways — because we love her so! She has grown from someone afraid to pray out loud with others to Lead Guide and shepherdess of many young women, speaking into their lives on a regular basis! Amazing what God can do with an open heart, right?

chelsea and erin


She spends her life pouring into others through intentional relationships. Her effect speaks to the intimate walk she has with Christ. She is so full of love! And joy! and really all the other fruit of the Spirit!

Chelsea has a servants heart

When she’s not giggling, listening to someone, praying with someone, or encouraging someone, she’s serving in whatever way is needed! With the best attitude. Always.


Okay, you’re thinking she’s perfect right?! No, she’s totally human. But Chelsea does walk a beautiful example of someone intimately acquainted with Jesus and living life on mission for Him!

You can read some of Chelsea’s encouraging posts on our blog here, here and here!

Also, did you know Cheslea is one of the founders of BIC Flawless? If you are female, you can find great encouragement visiting their site or following them on Instagram and/or Facebook. Here’s an interview I did with them last year so you can learn a bit more about them! (also, be looking for new #bicflawless apparel in our online store soon!)

Author >> Cassi || Photography >> Tom + Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Angelette

In trying to squeeze in the remaining staffers for this summer (because, well, I’m a slacker and waiting to the last minute!), please welcome Angelette to the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!

Angelette is AwesomeAngelette (pronounced On-ge-lette) is one of those people that make you feel instantly at home with her. She’s very welcoming and friendly and treats you as if you’ve known her your whole life!

Angelette-arrives-at-Whisper-MountainFrom the time her little bug rolled up our road, until we said goodbye to her (a little early), she has been a delight to have on our summer staff team!

Angelette Summer Staffer

Angelette is a Summer Guide

Her love for adventure made her a go getter for whatever needed to get done, her open heart made her available to those who needed love and encouragement the most, and her fluency in Spanish allowed her to share the love of Jesus with a Spanish exchange student!

Angelette at Whisper Mountain Camp

Her walk with Jesus if fairly new, but the road He has been redeeming for her is a beautiful one being used for His glory! We couldn’t be more thankful for the time, energy and heart she has invested in this summer at Whisper Mountain! We are excited for her as she begins the next chapter of life as a Spanish teacher!

Angelette-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-2We love you, Angelette! Thank you for following Jesus with us this summer and for loving others so well!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds >> Cassi + Kinsley

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Aaron C

Hey, friends! Please allow me to bring up on the Awesomeness Takes the Stage stage…Aaron Carpenter…the Program Director Intern!Aaron-is-AwesomeAaron, who is on track to be in full time camp ministry, was in need of an internship for college! We were praying for someone to help carry the program director load for this summer. God sent Aaron!

King Aaron at Whisper Mountain

I believe it’s safe to say he’s been stretched to do things outside of his norm, having experienced camp at Whisper Mountain to look differently than his camp experience prior to us! But when God is preparing us for something, He tends to stretch us and grow us! And that’s what internships are all about right?!

Aaron is listening at Whisper Mountain Camp

Aaron is willing to be taught and directed, even though he possesses strong leadership qualities. This is important for any leader on the rise!

Aaron Carpenter at Whisper Mountain CampWe are thankful for Aaron’s commitment to us this summer, for the ways he has helped to bring some relief in the program directorship this summer and for the ways he’s using his gifts and talents to help us Proclaim Christ this summer!

Aaron at Whisper Mountain Camp

We are thankful for his experience in leading worship, leading camp, and adding theatrics when necessary (skits, etc –he’s really good!)!

Aaron at Whisper Mountain

Aaron, as you start heading toward a more permanent place in the camp ministry world, may you discover all God has for you and may He use you to bring His name glory! Thank you for serving with us this summer!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Amanda

Our Summer Staff are overall pretty amazing people, but if there’s anyone who has brought “their game” to camp this summer it’s been Amanda! She’s on today’s Awesomeness Takes the Stage!


Having just graduated high school, Amanda is leaping into new and unknown areas with reckless abandon. Which is quite beautiful!

Amanda Stepping Out

Her quiet humility and hard work ethic serve her well in her role as a GIT (Guide In Training). She reaches out to others with the right blend of confidence and humility and is making a real difference within those connections.


Amanda full of color

Her cheerful attitude, even when doing tasks she’s sure to be sick of by now, is beautiful and refreshing! She has stepped up into Guide responsibilities with ease when needed and has shined! Her teachable spirit and “eyes open” approach to all she can learn and absorb is allowing God to really work in her life as He continues to shape and mold and make Himself known to her!


We are thankful to have you serving with us this summer, Manders! You are a joy and we look forward to seeing how God uses you in this next step of your journey!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds >> Kinsley + Tom + Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Morgan

Today you are in for a treat! Morgs-Morgs is on the stage today! The Awesomeness Takes the Stage, that is!


What began as a camper relationship has transformed into a Guide relationship with us at Whisper Mountain!


If you were to judge a book by its cover, you would decide Morgan is tall, quiet and beautiful! But behind that cover, if you’d spend time perusing the beautiful story that is Morgan, you’d come to know she has a knack for speaking deep truths into ordinary conversations quite unexpectedly and she graciously welcomes people into her moments, making them feel connected and at ease with her!


Morgan-Hoola-GirlLike many quiet people, there’s a wild side to look out for! She knows how to pull out the cray-cray (in the best way) and get you laughing and joining in on all the fun! Which comes in handy here at camp!


I have really enjoyed watching Morgan jump into all that camp requires of her! Her team-player mentality helps strengthen us for sure, but it’s her willing and teachable heart that I most love to see in action! She’s all on board with what needs to be done, and always with a great attitude — because she’s just that awesome! Morgan-Sun

Whether she becomes the professor she’s contemplating becoming or the Lord leads her in a different direction, Morgan is sure to impact her corner of the world through the light she is bravely and more confidently learning to shine! She helps us reach new heights here at Whisper Mountain — ahahahaha! I had to put a cheesy height joke in there — because she doesn’t like that she’s so tall! And she can dish out the sass just as naturally! And because I love her!

 We are thankful the Lord brought her to us this summer! We are glad you are part of the fam, Morgs!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds >> Tom + Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Seth

We already have gone through all the days of June! What!?!!? Which brings me to the place of realizing I haven’t begun our (mostly) annual Awesomeness Takes the Stage routine. Which, if you’re new around here, means we put a little spotlight on our summer staff so you can catch a glimpse the awesomeness running around this here camp! And also, because the ministry we do wouldn’t be half of what it is without our summer staff! They are true heroes! And you should know them! So, let’s begin…


Seth doesn’t always have scary eyes!!! But he does have a heart about as big as those dimples that grace that face! He truly has a passion for Jesus and people encountering Him personally! He’s goofy and fun to be with, contemplative and kind. He’s got a knack for connecting with people through the smallest things. In that moment of connection, he exudes love, care and thoughtfulness in a way that leaves the person feeling better than before! Which makes him awesome in his role as a Guide.

Seth-and-Tegan-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp Seth-and-Tom-in-Canoe

God uses Seth’s enjoyable personality and humble heart to draw people to Him. One of my favorite things about Seth is his authenticity and willingness to be open and raw about his struggles even in the midst of walking with Christ. Through his teaching and leading of breakout sessions and day to day living, Seth helps us see the grace and redemption of life in Christ…and it’s contagious!


We are grateful for God’s plan to connect him with Whisper Mountain, first as a camper and now as a veteran on our summer staff team! It’s also his birthday today — celebrate him with us!?!

[ Seth has been a blog contributor in the past — catch his article here! ]

Author >> Cassi | Photo Creds >> Tom + Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Kyle

We are wrapping up the 2013 Awesome Stage with Kyle!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 1Kyle, the camper who found Jesus at a week of camp with us a few years back and has returned as staff since, left us a week before summer camp was over to start boot camp with the US Army. As much as we hated to say goodbye we are thrilled for him as he begins this next chapter of his life!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 2I can see how his years of growing as a leader and his strong love for the Lord will serve him well in this new world he's entering. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 3I really appreciate Kyle's work ethic. He is a guy who's willing to give it all until the job is done. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 4His gifts and talents were a blessing as he helped lead campers in worship throughout the summer. Watching Kyle give his life to be a blessing and encouragement to those around him helped to make our team a stronger unit and has uplifted me in many ways! I am blessed to call Kyle friend. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 5Before he left to go to boot camp, Kyle was kind enough to shoot a trail mix, encouraging us and sharing his heart for joining the Army. Check it out!


{if unable to view above video, click here}

He's probably not able to keep up with it much now, but to see snippets of Kyle's life, check him out on instagram @iam2nd.

Blessings on your day!