Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Melody

Whisper mountain staff Melody 2Maybe it's her constant smile set between sweet dimples. Maybe it's her bounce around camp as she's quick to help get things done. Or just maybe it's her down home way of connecting, ease of laughing and general overall upliftment. Whatever it is, Melody is true to her name offering "an agreeable arrangement" to our days at Whisper Mountain!

Whisper mountain summer staff melody 3
Whisper mountain staff melody 5
Whisper mountain staff melody 1 Melody is spending her first summer with us as a guide and we couldn't be happier! With a healthy sense of adventure she is very willing to dive in and try new things. Always sweet, peaceable and with a positive attitude, it's hard not to enjoy the girl!

Whisper mountain staff melody 4
We are very thankful to have such a willing heart serving with us this summer! Mel, you da best!

If you wanna follow her on instagram, you're outta luck! She's instagramless because she's busy adventuring!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage >>> Luke & Jake

Let's kick off the week with some more awesomeness in the form of a duo! Mostly because I'm behind and running out of time, but also because they kinda go together anyways!

Whisper Mountain Staff Luke and JakeJake and Luke, The Dangerous Duo. At least that's what the weeds say as this duo immerses themselves in chigger infested lands where the grasses grow tall, the snakes slither, and the stinging insects harass! With weed-whackers in hand they face opposition at every turn, defeating the army of overgrowth trying to conquer the camp! (hee, that was fun!)

Whisper Mountain Staff Jake1Jake started his summers at Whisper Mountain several years ago as a camper…a very shy, hardly said two words all week camper! Two years ago (I think!) he spent his first summer on staff as a weed whacker! He keeps coming back for more and we were thrilled! Jake's a hardworking fella! I can't speak for everyone else, but his life encourages me. His life is such a picture of how God patiently grows us, transforming, shaping and molding us into something bringing Him glory. As I see Jake around the property working his little tail feathers off (weed whacking acres of property isn't for the faint of heart mind you!), I see a quiet confidence growing in him, a charisma making him quite enjoyable to be around.

Whisper Mountain Staff Luke1Jake drafted his pal Luke to join this summer's weed whacking crew. As I was thinking about what to share about Luke I kept chuckling to myself. An outgoing chap, Luke comes up with some pretty random stuff. All I can do is laugh! As much as he is random, he also loves Jesus! His hard work and positive attitude was definitely an asset to our team! Sadly he had to leave us recently, but we are thankful for the time he was able to spend with us! Thankful for all the blood, sweat and tears (well, I never saw those!) poured out to help make Whisper Mountain look as well-groomed as it does!

You can keep up with Luke's randomness on instagram @lukeskywalkerjr

I'd love to have you experience moments with Jake too, but he never posts pictures. In case my harassing inspires him (unlikely!) you can find him @turkey_thug96.

Let's make Monday awesome, friends!