Tegan sleeping{phone pics=poor quality!}

I happened upon this scene last night while doing the usual checking in on each sleeping angel before collapsing into bed. I first let out a chuckle at the cuteness of his sleeping position, then I felt the longing for such a position myself. We are only days away from the chance to rest our bodies. As it is with every summer's end, pure exhaustion blankets us in every way. We each are looking forward to a big exhale. A little folding of hands. A measure of rest.  

Late night editingUntil this exhale comes, I have hours of editing before me, late nights completing work, and early mornings requiring me to peel myself from the bed! But with all this said, I LOVE being in camp ministry! The eternal impact far outweighs any piddly little exhaustion! So, I plug on with joy!

How are you holding up with your part of the world? 

dressed in goodness

Weekending 1Our weekend was full of good things:

Weekending 2
Weekending 3//lovely families with hearts of service occupying our camp cabins

Weekending 5//lots of food prep

Weekending-4//dressing up for his own acts of service (isn't he hot?!)

Weekending 7//little outdoor adventures

Weekending 8//new hair dos and trim ups

Weekending 9//making & consuming grand amounts of hummus (something like this)

Weary but accomplished, fun yet productive. Our weekending was dressed in goodness indeed!Weekending 6Happy Monday!

the goofy

As a Whisper Mountain staff, we are always working really hard together. Making the time to play together helps us be a stronger team, but takes a little more effort! Our Christmas staff party seemed the perfect occasion to create some playing!

SnowmenReally bad lighting and lots of action (and a non-profesh picture taker) create for some blurry pics. Sorry. Still, you get the idea, right? Yes, playing together is such a good time.

Fire-time  As is sitting by a fire on a cold evening. 


GoofinessWithout goofy, life can lose its lustre, don’t you think? Laughter is such good medicine! I am thankful for the goofy each of these people added to the party! That they add to my every day! 

good food. good fun. good fellowship.