can we say CRUNCH?

Marty Building Whisper Mountain CabinOn many levels, we are in crunch time here at Whisper Mountain. While we all feel it, I'm pretty sure Marty is bearing the greatest pressure just now. In a week's time this volunteer cabin needs to be ready to welcome our summer cook! Let's just stop there for a second–we have a summer cook! Can you rejoice with Patti please?! (We are down some helpers in the kitchen, so if you'd like to volunteer, contact us!)

Whisper Mountain Camp Cabin BuildMarty has been giving his all during the day, and paying for it during the night. Pure exhaustion these days and summer hasn't begun! Do pray for him! 

Whisper Mountain Volunteer Cabin Build 1Standing on the front porch, the creek can be heard, as can the chorus of birds and countless other creatures of the woods. Quite peaceful and restoring! I'm already making plans for a personal retreat here this fall!

Shaun and Tegan at Whisper Mountain Cabin BuildThere will be much to share as time allows! Thank you for understanding the quiet of this space lately! Though you can't tell from where you're sitting, much is going on here and still much more to come! We hope you'll journey with us along the trail!

our now

Our now 4// Enjoying the bends in the road and piles of goodness dropping in on us, both as individuals and as a camp.

Our now 3// Finding the splashes of color along the way to mean God is working rather than a mess is making!

Our now

Our now2// Being startled by the unexpected creatures previous guests have planted here and there! (and imagining them giggling while planting them!)

Our now 5
// Soaking in the beautiful weather and landscape that changes by the day.

Each of us staffers are enjoying, growing, stretching and walking our path along the trail in camp ministry! While different spots are more fun than others, the whole trail has us walking nearer to our Jesus, each other, and those in our world. That is what the walking is about after all!

(turkeys) along the trail

Turkey-on-blog The turkey in the photo above so much reminds me of the people who run from the spotlight after having just blessed us with their showing up!

What do I mean? When we least expect it, people cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them! Like the turkey, freshening up by the creek one morning…an unexpected delight. At the first whipping out of the camera movement (though I tried to be more stealthier than that!), she was off, disliking the attention I wanted to show her!

What does this have to do with anything? Whisper Mountain has had such people recently cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them. And in the fashion of most humble givers that come our way, they too run from attention. So I honor them (not by suggesting they are turkeys!!) by keeping them hidden, but I shout thanksgivings out for the gifts they have blessed us with!Trusses-on-blog Though it may seem unimpressive, this is approximately one thousand dollars worth of trusses that will be spread out among several buildings around camp. Great to have roof tops…now just need some walls! (And there's more where this came from!)

Batteries-on-blog What's so SPECIALty about these block boxes? Oh, yes…they are the life of our carts. Something we've been in dire need of before summer arrives! Batteries. Necessary but financially draining!

Thank you, humble people who don't want me stealing your heavenly treasures!!

God does much to care for this ministry! How refreshing to know He is with us! How great that he allows others to help!

[time for trivia]

I thought it might be fun to do a little trivia game on this here blog!! The idea is to connect you to more of the ministry of Whisper Mountain, encourage some involvement, and have a little fun trying to win something! Who doesn't like to win something, you know?! I hope you'll get up the courage to leave your answer in the comment section. The right answers will be randomly shuffled to decide the winner!

What shall the winner receive? How about a copy of one of the books that was instrumental in Marty's following God along the trail to Whisper Mountain's founding!   Dream giver book

Okay, let's play…(pretend you hear nice trivia game background music!)

Answer this question in the comments:

[In what year did Whisper Mountain acquire the 130 acres it now resides on?]

You have until midnight tonight! Winner will be announced in tomorrow's post!