We lost a Super Hero

If you’ve spent any time around Whisper Mountain or read our stuff, it’s likely you’ve read about how highly we esteem our volunteers! We see them as super heroes, really! They are the turbo boost to the work that happens around here — we simply couldn’t do it all without them!

Alex in the Woods 4.11.jpgA little more than a week ago, we lost one of our favorite volunteers and friends.

Alex Birthday Group 10.11.jpgMr. Alex or Alex Alex, as we called him (his last name was Alexandrov so it was easier!), got to take the flight of a life time as he headed to heaven! Since near the beginning of Whisper Mountain, Alex has served with us! Here are a few of our favorite things about him (that we can share — because he was a character!).


He was bold in his faith, willing to do the most tedious tasks, spent his retirement serving (not just us, but multiple non-profits), and helped us keep an eternal perspective. His honesty sometimes surprised us but also made us think. He didn’t seek the spotlight but was well deserving of it.

Alex Birthday 10.11.jpg

He always made us laugh, shared a passion for people knowing Jesus, was a man who made mistakes in life but allowed God to work in and through him to make him a brilliant light in this world.

Alex Birthday Balloons 10.13

He was family to us and we looked forward to his spring and fall weeks of coming to “live” with us, serve with us, and share in the work of Whisper Mountain.

Alex Mechanic 6.10

He brought life to the broken down and new life to the passed over — both in equipment/material things and those things involving people.

Alex Apartment 7.17

We are most thankful for the life Alex shared with us individually and as a ministry. He’s a valuable part of our family. We love him and will miss him greatly.

Alex Smiling 10.11

Until we see you again, Mr. Alex!


RP + Helium = A Celebration

RP-Bday1The ole RP turns 31 tomorrow. Read it people…THIRTY-ONE! Yikes! Yah, he doesn't really act it as you can see from this post! But that's what makes him fun to be around! Always lightening the mood, offering craziness, randomness and all around color to life! We are thankful to have him in our days–working alongside us, through the thick and thin of life within Whisper Mountain!

RP Bday2
RP-Bday3We had a little par-tay with him this week, Mr. Alex joining us too! Always a good time when you put crazy people, cake and helium together!!


[if unable to view the short video, click here!]

Enjoy your weekend friends!


Blessed Indeed!

Alex alex
His smile is with us again this week, along with his help, encouraging attitude, and patience with the sorrowful state of our equipment (he brings our carts, mowers, etc. to life again every time he comes!). Alex Alex (as he is fondly called around these parts) is serving us in such small-big ways (meaning may seem unimportant but it's actually HUGE!)!

What an encouragement people like him are to Whisper Mountain. They are the building blocks to God's work that is accomplished at/through/within this ministry. Team effort round these parts! We are glad Alex Alex is on our team!