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We can never underestimate the power of encouragement. Whether it’s a simple text, a note in the mail, a care package with some favorite things, or just knowing we are being prayed for, being uplifted, encouraged, boosted to keep going literally changes everything.

We want to invite you to change one life this summer through your encouragement. Will you Adopt-A-Staff? Will you encourage one summer staff as they run hard and give all they’ve got to Proclaim Christ to teens?

We wanted to share Megan’s Experience with you:

“As a lover of all things snail mail related, Adopt-A-Staff is one of my favorite ways to serve Whisper Mountain and was a huge encouragement to me when I was on staff. Adopt-A-Staff, for those who don’t know, is when someone not at Whisper Mountain agrees to come along side one summer staff to encourage and support them through prayer and mailings for the summer.

Whisper Mountain does a fabulous job passing along info to you on your staff member. They provide info on what the staff needs prayer for and things like favorite candy, color and beverage, what they like to do with their free time, what gift cards might be helpful and so on. It really helps you get to know them even if you’ve never met them. It also helps give you ideas for things you could mail them in a care package.

Now this may be where some of you jump ship, but please hear me out. A care package can be super clever, funny, themed and over the top but it can also be just as encouraging if it’s not. Also every time you send something it doesn’t have to be a full care package (but please do send at least one during the summer).

Something as simple as a card saying “I’m praying for you” or a card with an encouraging verse can be just what we need to pick us up and push us through the week. Heck, sometimes just being handed mail puts a smile on our face before we even open it. The idea that someone cares, someone is thinking and praying for you , someone took the time to do something for you means more than you can imagine when you are pouring yourself out all week. It really changes things. 

Personally, I love sending an over the top themed care package. It’s just in me to be creative. If you decide to Adopt-A-Staff and want to do an over the top package, but you aren’t the creative type, you can search google – the ideas are endless. If over the top isn’t in your wheel house please, please, please still adopt.

During my summer of being adopted, one of the most meaningful and encouraging things I received was a card with a short note reminding me they were praying for me and a little business size Bible verse card. It really helped me refocus and push me through a hard week.

When you Adopt-A-Staff, God sized things happen, I promise! You think, “Oh, I’ll just send this,” and God says, “Oh, I’ll deliver that at just the right moment.” You think, “Oh, this candy isn’t much,” but then a camper sees our favorite candy you sent and it’s their favorite candy and it helps us make a connection. Something so simple that you forget the moment you sent it may be something we hold on to for months or years.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few things other summer staff have said they found encouraging:

“… just knowing they were praying for me was huge.” 

“…the fact that they checked in via text and asked what I needed prayer for.”

“…just a little something (whether it be stickers, snacks or whatever) and a note can make your day receiving something in the mail.”

“… when my adopt-a-staff got me gifts that were not on my questionnaire. It showed a ton of effort and love.”

“…receiving a written out prayer. It took it a step beyond just saying they are praying for me.”

Alright, that’s all I have for you! Thanks for reading. Now please, go be an encourager and ADOPT!!

A Match Made in Heaven

SUMMER CAMP SEASON is here! Which means a lot of things, but for today it means we are playing match maker and we wondered if you would be a part?Math Problem AaS

Our staff work their tails off when they join our team! Servant leadership is our thing, intentionally connecting is our thing, warring on the front lines of spiritual battles is our thing. It’s just part of the camp package. While our summer staff team is with us, it’s crucial for them to receive the encouragement and prayer support to do the work they do all summer long. So what can you do to help? (so glad you asked!)

2016 Adopt a Staff Header

You can adopt one of our staff for the summer! From June – August (first week) you could send them texts letting them know you are praying for them, you could send care packages with some of their favorite things (we send you a list of these!), you could email them encouragements — anything you can think of to keep them going, to bolster their spirits, to spiritually uplift them makes a HUGE difference!

SO, what do you say? Can we match you up? Will YOU adopt a Whisper Mountain Summer Staffer this year?

Submit your YES to Cassi below and she’ll take it from there! (That’s me — and I’m thrilled you’re trying something new to help someone else! You won’t be sorry!)

Thank you for sharing in the work of proclaiming Christ by supporting our staff! We always say it, but we will say it again — we couldn’t do this without you!


Adopt a Staff


Whisper Mountain’s Summer Staff Team spends the long days of summer pouring out and pouring in. They pour out all their time, energy and heart so they can pour into the teens that come to camp all summer long. The work of our summer staff is completely depleting and exhausting but totally worth it. There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing teens (or anyone for that matter) come to Jesus!

To help fight off any discouragement from weariness, etc. we are looking for people who would like to “adopt” our staff for the summer months. People who would commit (from June-August) to regularly pray for a single staff member, send notes/texts/emails of encouragement and maybe even brighten a week with a random care package.


Gather your small group, a few friends or families to make a real difference in those who are “missionaries” at camp this summer. What do you say? Would you like to adopt?

Email Cassi(at)WhisperMountain(dot)org to get the adoption process started (super simple stuff)!

We thank you for considering being a part! Oh, also: adoptions need to take place by May 25! Can you help spread the word?!