A Whisper Mountain Story >> Ramsey Propp

One of the biggest perks of camp ministry is getting to experience turning points in people’s faith journey and pieces of the story God is writing in their lives. With each glimpse of the story, we are always brought to the same conclusion: God’s amazing love and personal pursuit of people astounds us. He holds nothing back to personally bring people to the place of knowing Him and walking them to the place of making Him known.


Ramsey Propp has been a part of our Full-Time Staff for over five years. Watch this video to hear a brief telling of his story and the next chapter God is leading him toward!

(if unable to view the video, click here)

We are thankful to have been a small part of his journey, and we praise God again for His faithfulness in the lives of His people! Ramsey, we will miss you!

Fall Retreats 2015 >> Emmanuel + Mt. Tirzah


Fall retreats at Whisper Mountain are great for continuing to grow and unify teens! The past couple weekends have held great fun and bonding among the middle and high schoolers!  And the October weather in these mountains helps too!


Thanks for spending your weekends with us! God is doing big things in your lives! We were encouraged by you and pray you continue to seek Christ above all else!

(inspire your teens this fall + winter + spring)

Craftivities at Whisper Mountain


Who wants to come CREATE with us on November 14?!

Treat yourself to a day of crafting + conversation and get inspired for some DIY gifting for the upcoming holiday season! We will be completing three crafts that would be gift worthy for the specials in your life, as well as offering some gift wrapping inspiration because we all know presentation is everything!

Day Price includes all supplies, lunch + snacks: $50.
Weekend Price includes all supplies, lunch + snacks on Saturday & breakfast Saturday + Sunday mornings: $75

Spots are limited and filling so make sure to gather a friend or a favorite family member to join in the fun!

Email Cassi@WhisperMountain.org to reserve your spot!

Fall 2015 >> Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat


Thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, raincoats became a big part of our first men’s retreat here at Whisper Mountain! But, what’s a little weather when guys get out in the woods, away from their normal pressures, enjoying good conversation and laughter, and indulging in home-cooked meals?


We saw everyone have a good time, even if they’d never shot a bow before! Some kids shot as good as some of the guys, but it was never really about skill. It was about the refreshment and connection a weekend like this offers.



After some target shooting, the guys broke into teams to begin the 3D shoot in our woodsball paintball course!

Whisper Mountain Men's 3D Archery Retreat 2015


We are thankful for Jason Dellinger (he’s the guy on the right in the photo above!) offering the guys short but powerful challenges, encouraging them to be men of diligence!


All throughout the weekend, prizes were raffled off randomly (how did some of those kids get so lucky!?!). For the tourney, one winner from the adults and one from the youth were recognized. Junior and Issac (pictured above) won those trophies! And the giveaway of all giveaways (the crossbow!) went to Joe! He’s looking pretty pumped, right?!


To those of you who came: we really enjoyed having you join us for our first men’s weekend! Thanks for having fun even in the rain. We hope you’ll join us again next year!

To all the others: plan on coming next year! We’ve worked out all the kinks now!! Dates will come out in January, but plan on October for sure!

(GUYS: if you want the weekend’s pics — lots more than seen here — sent to you, please email Cassi@WhisperMountain.org and I’ll get them to you!)

pilgrim on


The news headlines cast shadows on our daily realities. Changes in the classrooms quicken our breath and lead our thoughts to places we’d rather not visit. Current events darken the threshold of our peace of mind. Heaping piles of fear can weigh us down and cause us to dread the future or lose sleep at night or keep us from choosing to live our lives in a forward motion.


Let us encourage you today to remember that God’s hand is in the undercurrents of all of life. Lift your eyes to the King of Kings, to the One who said in His Word these things will take place, to the One who is aligning everything for His promised return! WE ARE NOT HOME…Pilgrim on! Be the light while light remains. His plan is in motion and He has proven Himself trustworthy. We can hope in Him!

Upcoming Men’s Retreat >> Shoot Straight 2015


Men need a place to get into the woods, to grunt together, understand each other, and do manly things together. Right?

Whisper Mountain understands this need and has been preparing and planning for such an event to take place this October! In exactly one month, men will come together for camaraderie, fire side conversations, an archery tournament with 3D targets (prizes will be awarded), relevant encouragement from a special guest and overall simple, backwoods fun!

 This is an all-men event, boys 10+ being invited to join. So while this is a great opportunity for dads/sons/grandpas to bond, we look forward to the individuals, small groups or friends who think this sounds like just what they need about now!


Women, encourage your men to come (a great chance for you to get some girl time in while they’re gone?!)! Men, plan to come on October 2-4! Enjoy the fall beauty of Whisper Mountain, enjoy getting away from your regular demands, enjoy building relationships with other men and being encouraged in the process!

Go to the Men’s Retreat Page on our website to learn more and get registered!

If you know someone(s) who you think would enjoy a weekend like this, let them know — Help us spread the word!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Megan

Today you get to meet someone who was on our first ever summer staff team! Pretty crazy, right? Welcome Megan to Awesomeness Takes the Stage, will you?


Megan is very good with details and helps to keep things going forward! This gift coupled with her servant’s heart and thoughtful ways causes her to shine brightly!

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp

She enhances our skits with her flare for drama and offers help occasionally with her photography skills. She has been an overall help in whatever way we are most needing this summer!

Megan at High Ropes

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp 1

Megan excels at always lending a helping hand and cheering people on in whatever ways she can! Her generosity and thoughtfulness bless all who know her!

Megan is Sunflower

Megan is always up for an adventure, especially when it involves connecting with other people in the simple and beautiful and lasting ways!

We love you, Megan! Thank you for wanting to serve with us this summer! You are beautiful!

Author + Photo Creds >> Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Tom

Are you feeling the need for a little Awesomeness today?! Why, then, welcome Tom to Awesomeness Takes the Stage!


Tom is one of our GITs (Guide In Training) this summer! GITs have a lot of grunt work to see to, but they are also given opportunities to shine in their area of interest and talent!

Tom is a photographer

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

For Tom that ended up being photography! He’s a pretty fun guy and is really natural at connecting with people! He did a super job helping to carry the workload of photography and making sure to GIT his other duties taken care of!

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp

Although Tom knows how to have fun, I’ve seen a pretty great heart poured out from him all summer! He pays attention to people in a way that helps him to be caring and encouraging, He’s open to God’s work of leading and shaping him and allowing others to be used in that role as well, and Tom serves with a smile (or looks for a Tootsie Roll to help him make it through!)

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp 2Tom, thanks for choosing to spend your summer serving with us! Wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Author + Photo Creds >> Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Chelsea

You guys know Chelsea Starr, right? (see her on the 2012, 2013 stages) Well, if you don’t know her, she’s on the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!


Chelsea has served with us for so many years that when she decides she needs to move on, it’s gonna hurt kinda big — in the best of ways — because we love her so! She has grown from someone afraid to pray out loud with others to Lead Guide and shepherdess of many young women, speaking into their lives on a regular basis! Amazing what God can do with an open heart, right?

chelsea and erin


She spends her life pouring into others through intentional relationships. Her effect speaks to the intimate walk she has with Christ. She is so full of love! And joy! and really all the other fruit of the Spirit!

Chelsea has a servants heart

When she’s not giggling, listening to someone, praying with someone, or encouraging someone, she’s serving in whatever way is needed! With the best attitude. Always.


Okay, you’re thinking she’s perfect right?! No, she’s totally human. But Chelsea does walk a beautiful example of someone intimately acquainted with Jesus and living life on mission for Him!

You can read some of Chelsea’s encouraging posts on our blog here, here and here!

Also, did you know Cheslea is one of the founders of BIC Flawless? If you are female, you can find great encouragement visiting their site or following them on Instagram and/or Facebook. Here’s an interview I did with them last year so you can learn a bit more about them! (also, be looking for new #bicflawless apparel in our online store soon!)

Author >> Cassi || Photography >> Tom + Cassi

Summer 2015 >> Mixed Company

Last week we enjoyed four different groups and 2 international teens with us to form what we called #mixedcompanyatwm on Instagram! I was super impressed with how welcoming and interactive they were with each other throughout the week!

Group-ShotWe saw God quietly woo hearts to Him throughout the week and were encouraged by those who made room for Him in their hearts! Here’s just a few pictures from their time with us!

Mixed-Company-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-1 Mixed-Company-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-2 Mixed-Company-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-3Thank you for being with us this summer! May you continue to see God personally working in your lives!

There’s a few more pictures over on our Facebook page if you’re interested!

Author >> Cassi // Photo Creds >> Tom, Kinsley, Cassi