#tbt summer 2014 [ Bold Springs + Locals ]

Remember when Bold Springs + Locals came together for some camp at Whisper Mountain? They had a shorter week because of the 4th of July, but the time with these teens was meaningful and fun!




Locals-and-bold-springs-teens-at-campThank you for coming Bold Springs and Locals!
May you be found walking with SURGENCY!

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week’s end

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-Solo-TimeWhew. What a week! Many unexpected things confronted us this week — some good, some not so good. But here we are at week's end, still breathing and finding reason to praise our God!


Whisper-Mountain-Camp-PaintballOur campers have experienced purposeful adventure in the great outdoors, times of deep encouragement from their peers, our guides, and God's Word, and through learning how to hear God through solo times and worship sessions.

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-StaffOur staff learned a little more about themselves through serving and improvising this week. Their bodies ache for sleep and down time, but their hearts are full from the experience of seeing God work in teens lives! We are thankful for the way they have poured themselves out and were open to being stretched further than was comfortable at times!

Whisper-Mountain-CampersEven in the midst of life struggle, challenging circumstances, and being emptied beyond what we think we can bear, God is personal and good and restoring. May you find His presence to be a reality today!

Happy Weekending, friends!

sound the horn

Prayer-Team-BlockOver the past few summers I've put out a call for a summer prayer team!
Sound the horn — calling all prayer warriors!

A prayer warrior would simply be someone who takes prayer seriously and makes time for it. The work we do at Whisper Mountain would be pretty weak without the force of prayer battling in the unseen places. Without the power of God thrusting us, the hours and energy spent "doing camp" would be in vain. Umm, no thank you! We need a group of people we can count on to pray for us in our heaviest season of ministry.

Being on our prayer team looks like an email from me once a week throughout the summer. I won't pester you beyond that! I hate spam as much as you! In the email I share specific needs of the groups coming in, of our staff and our full-time team. These needs are never really shared anywhere else. So when you are on our prayer team you are an insider! 

To get in on this team simply email me at cassi at whispermountain dot org with the word pray in the subject line. I'll take it from there!

Yeah. I can't wait to get started!

Have a super day!

ps. if you have prayer needs, our staff would feel privileged to pray for you. Go here!

April in Pictures [2014]

April-in-PicturesThe few photos above offer a quick recap of our month at Whisper Mountain! The month was full which means it flew by fast. I love going back through my phone to see the moments of the month. The pictures help me remember and appreciate the beautiful in my life. Wouldn't you agree there are times life doesn't feel so beautiful?! The visual diary of my photos tells me a different story!

If you have a camera or a smart phone, make it a goal to take at least one picture a day. I'm convinced you'll appreciate your life more when you scroll through them!

Happy Weekending, friends!

Build it and they will come!

Volunteer Cabin Build 1For the past several weeks we've had a little construction work going on at camp! We are most excited about this project because this tiny, little cabin will house volunteers during their time of service with us! Which translates this summer (Lord willing) to a cook! (You should see Ms. Patti happy dancing!)

Volunteer Cabin Build 10While I will be putting together a short video to document the construction in its entirety, today I am here to share with you those with us right now helping to put the walls up!

Volunteer Cabin Build 3

Volunteer Cabin Build 4
Volunteer Cabin Build 7
Volunteer Cabin Build 8
Volunteer Cabin Build 9
Volunteer Cabin Build 11
Volunteer Cabin Build 12A bunch of men from Florida came up for several days. Men who pass around a bottle of motrin before holstering their tool belts. Men whose backs don't bounce up as quickly as they used to. Men whose knees have them limping up ladders, or bending slowly, or moving carefully. What I love about these men is their willingness to laugh about all that and still get out there and lend a hand. The jesting and comradery is not only entertaining but also uplifting, I'm guessing for each of them, but most surely for Marty! He misses these ole pals!
Volunteer Cabin Build 5These men giving up time, energy, and painless sleep are making a difference in the tangible way they know how! And we are ever so grateful to have them joining us! Thank you James Propp, Richard Ellis, Mitchell Lee, Wayne Russell and Mickey Franklin!

Volunteer Cabin Build 6


Do you fit the bill?

2014-Summer-Interns-HmPG-BlockNinjas behind a camera. Sleuths catching the big and little moments. Days and nights spent with incredible people. The great outdoors. Spending your skillz to create various media for campers and the promotion of Whisper Mountain. Good food. Housing. A life-changing summer of adventure and personal growth.

Whisper Mountain is looking to have an intern (or two) join our summer staff team. Ideally this person has their own equipment (camera + computer) and has some experience in the photography and/or videography realm. Those having graduated high school by summer 2014 or older are welcome to apply! Check out the promo video below to see an example of how your work would be used. (If you watch this and say in your head "I can do better than that!" please apply! We need you!)


If you are not in the market for such a summer job, could you look around and spread the word to others who may be?! My sanity thanks you!

Contact the Whisper Mountain office at 828.479.2993 or email me at Cassi(at)WhisperMountain(dot)org with any questions. Apply to be an intern here!

Thanks for reading today! Go have a great day!