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We were tagged in an instagram post recently and were so encouraged to hear how God is using Whisper Mountain that we had to share with you too!


In case you can’t quite read the picture above, the highlighted part says,

“This place has become another home. It has provided life lessons that have made me better. It has provided friendships I can never replace. It has grown my faith and relationship with God probably more than anything else has.” @regardless10

Megan has a lot to say about Whisper Mountain from her experiences with us over the last nine years.

Wouldn’t you agree that hearing stories of what God has done in other people’s lives keeps our faith strengthened and reminds us that God is working to draw us all to Him. Doesn’t that strengthen your heart too? He is moving in your life, maybe calling you to hard and uncomfortable things, so you can know Him more! If you’re anything like Megan, you won’t regret your decision to follow!

If you have an experience with us you’d like to share, tag us on insta (@whispermtn) or Facebook (Whisper Mountain Youth Camp)! Other people can be encouraged by you!

A Booma-Chicka-Rocka Truck Came to Camp

<<< Did you follow our instagram feed yesterday to catch a glimpse at all the action?! (if you're on instagram, follow us @whispermtn !!) >>>

Field-storage1Last week, (all) the guys surveyed a spot on our camp field, very carefully preparing for a big move to take place!

Field-storage-boom-truck2When the big day arrived, Mr. Big Boom Truck was set in place. The Hub felt like a hive of activity from excited (and slightly nervous) little bees!

Field-storage3The prepping, waiting, praying, watching went on for some time until finally all was in place and the move began!

Clearing the roof of the Hub and Hub porch were the critical points in this event! We thought all was going perfectly…Field-storage4…until the little building turned out to be heavier than expected!


Field-storage-boom-truck3After some nail-biting struggle to figure out a solution ("who says you
don't need high school math when you're older?"  says Marty!)
, the
building finally made it over to the "moving truck" without any catastrophes!

Field-storage6The guys strapped her down onto the trailer, double-checked to make sure it would hold (eek!), then said a prayer for God's favor to fall on this little trek to the field!

Field-storage7Down the road, and round the bend, onto the field it goes!!

Field-storage8Favor was had all around! Barry did a fabulous job driving/steering the boom and ensuring our buildings weren't damaged! We are grateful for his hard work and patience on the job! We are pretty excited to finally have a decent storage building down on the field!

Field-storage-empty-spaceWe continue to prepare and raise funds for the new building to be built behind the Hub! This is our current priority project that must be done by summer! We are thankful to all those who've been giving to help us raise these funds! If you like carpentry and wanna come visit Western North Carolina, I know a place that could use a volunteer or two!!