Crossover Outreach 2019

Crossover Outreach Group

Last week, on their spring break, we enjoyed having Crossover Outreach with us! For most of the group, this was the first time out of the city for them! What a change the mountains were! Hiking them, seeing them, holding still in them. New things can feel hard, but they can also be good for us! We are praying the group felt the same!



Our cultures are different, but our hearts remain the same — in need of Jesus! The all guys group found the outdoor adventure to be a challenge but watching them overcome hard things was fun and encouraging, doing more than maybe they thought they could do!



They enjoyed paintball, bazooka ball, and team building on the low ropes course. They had some serious competitions in ping-pong and fuse ball. They practiced some quiet as they went outside alone with a Bible.


Hearing one teen tell his leader that he was thankful for showing him what it looked like to be a successful black man in today’s world or hearing about what it meant to have him fill the father figure in their lives, him and the other leaders, was a big deal. THOSE WHO GIVE THEIR TIME AND ATTENTION TO TEENS & CHILDREN: YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. DON’T STOP! Keep seeing past the teen-ness of the individual and seeing their heart in search of love and leadership and Jesus!

WM VOlunteers

We were thankful for the people who helped make this week possible through their sponsorship of these teens and for the the volunteers who came out this week to help us run the week! The truth of Jesus was proclaimed to these guys and we saw God working in their hearts!

More pictures of their time can be found in our Instagram and our Instagram stories!

Author | Cassi