Corners of the Field


Camp can be entirely life changing for many teens who come. Getting away from their noise and into a quiet environment where adventure is a given but love and intentional relationships are foundational. Teens experience the power of God during their week of camp and that, friend, is the power of camp!

More and more families struggle to be able to give their teens the experience of camp.
Money is tight and things like camp get pushed aside. But if the body of Christ
could help these families out, more teens can come to camp!

Do you find yourself with a little extra right now? If so, would you consider giving toward Whisper Mountain Camp’s scholarship fund? All the money brings more teens to camp! If you don’t have the extra right now — don’t sweat it. You can give by praying for these teens to have a way to come.

As always, we couldn’t do this without you!
Thank you for caring!


3 thoughts on “Corners of the Field

  1. Hello everyone, My Life Group would like to donate. How much is it for the “Wise Guys” to attend their weekend camp per person this summer. Thanks. Tina Ellis


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