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Thank you to all those who entered our Trivia Giveaway over the weekend by answering the trivia question! I’ll tell you the winner in a minute! First, the answer!


In the camp’s formative years, I Kings 19:12 was impressed on Marty’s heart as he was seeking God for the ministry ahead. Elijah, waiting for God on the  mountain, experienced fire and earthquake, but he didn’t hear God until there came a quiet whisper.

Whisper Mountain Camp had found its heartbeat and mission: to provide a refuge from the everyday noise so individuals can hear the whisper of God.

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The randomly raffled, correct answer winner is

NIC, who answered: “1 kings 19:11-14”

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Make some time today to hear God’s life-changing, personal whisper to you!

Welcome to the new space!

53067-6a0120a5f71794970c01348090b38c970c-piHere we are changing things up again! Welcome to the new blog space! Things are simple right now to get us going, but we will definitely be adding as we go. We hope you’ll visit here often to keep up with all that’s happening at Whisper Mountain!

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remembering that first weekend! (pictures added!)

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Archive-MounumentSix years ago this Memorial Day, Whisper Mountain had its first Grand Opening! The weekend was beautiful and packed full of the excitement of finally launching this amazing, long anticipated and prayed for, miracle-start ministry. As with anything new, the optimism and support (and energy!) was flying high! Many, many people came to share in the celebration, many driving from Florida where the base of the support was coming from!

Archive-WernerOur little family of four had been living in Charlotte at the time. I remember carrying our weekend things out of our little house and loading our little car, worrying I was forgetting something. We were heading to Selah's preschool graduation that morning, anticipating the drive into the mountains following. Shaun would meet us there the next day after finishing out his work week!

Archive-MountainsWith starbucks in hand, the happy chatter of two little girls in the back, we headed into a weekend that would soon become our lives. In all my excitement, I forgot the flowers I was to pick up in the city on my way out, which allowed me to rub elbows with the inconveniences of small town living. In all my excitement, I bypassed the exit off the big road and headed into Tennessee instead, discovering the frustration of patchy cell service in the mountains. I didn't know, couldn't know, all the changes, struggles, work and letting go that was in store for us. 

Archive-SelahDadRosy colored lenses can sometimes keep us from seeing the rough of life. But that's not all bad, is it? If we knew all we would be called to endure ahead, we may not be willing to get started at all! In our faithful walking we are able to see the struggles becoming worth it because something greater is attained!


Archive SlideWhisper Mountain Youth Camp started off with such excitement and such a crowd! We had seen God move in a big way. We anticipated such movement in the road ahead.

Archive-SwingSix years later, after the rush of stepping out in faith, after the crowd dispersed, we feel more tired, more strained, more unsure, but we still see God move in big ways and we cling to Him more readily. We anticipate more of Him in the road ahead! Thank you to those who have come alongside us from the start! Thanks for believing in the vision! Your investment in God's work really is amazing! We joyfully carry on!

Still Walking

They have given up the comforts and security of the American dream: their wages and retirements were cashed in for a life of frugal means dependent on the giving of others; their beautiful home was traded for a storage unit and a rental that holds most of their things still in boxes; their shoulders once carried light-hearted living but have now been weighted down with the world. Laughter doesn't come as easy as it once did, rest is harder to find than before. 

 These folks have given it all up for a calling into camp ministry!Founders I'm sure it's harder than Marty and Patti ever imagined, but I am grateful to be walking the camp ministry road with them.  These are two of the most generous people I know, quietly blessing and giving when no one is watching or noticing.  When the days get long, the tasks become tedious, discouragements try to pull them under…they keep walking anyway (even when Marty's knees are protesting!!!)  

The life-change that has taken place in many individuals at Whisper Mountain can be linked to God using a man and his wife following obediently the difficult road He's asked them to!

I find that to be

inspiring :: encouraging :: beautiful

Dream in his Pocket

There once was a boy with a dream in his pocket


who went about living and nearly forgot it.



His time was spent in various ways,

pouring into others each of his days.

One day he stopped to look around.

Goodness, success and comfort he found.


In his looking, his hand reached deep

Into his pocket where his dream was asleep.

Out of his pocket that dream finally came!

With a face toward heaven it was given a name!


Leaving his comfort and success behind,

He wondered if perhaps he had forgotten his mind!

But this dream has a mind and a heart all its own,

With purpose that keeps him from walking alone!

Many hearts have embraced this dream that's awake,Orig-board Whole-fam
It grows with a fervor and a joy for God's sake.

The place where that dream lay resting for years,

Has now become the place God comforts his fears.

While the man spends his days living his dream,

God's voice in a whisper sends peace like a stream.


A poetic look at the coming about of Whisper Mountain Youth Camp! Thank you to all of you who have, in your own way, embraced this dream and walked along with us! To God be the glory!

If Marty, Patti or Whisper Mountain have in some way touched your life, would you mind leaving a comment for them to read?  What a pocketful of encouragement this could be!!

Happy Weekend to you!