His Glorious Reminders



Whisper-Mountain-Camp-Office-in-FallI recently read somewhere the idea of fall being God’s glorious assurance of His presence before the coming winter, when all seems dead and cold. I loved that imagery because the life moments that feel dark and cold can challenge our belief in God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.

Whether you’re in a climate that has seasonal changes or not, let me encourage you to soak in God’s glory today. Keep feeding your heart with the truth and hope of the life found in Christ. Allow Him to remind you of His “with-us” presence no matter what life’s circumstances may be.

He makes life beautiful!
Let’s soak Him in today,

(iphone pics of Whisper Mountain’s rainy, fall day)

October in Pictures


October-in-Pics-3[nearly all pictures are phone pics]

October was a busy month for Whisper Mountain! Retreats, board meetings, maintenance projects, gift projects, marketing, and all manner of end of the year work in the office! Racing, slowing, rediscovering, quieting. Never a dull moment, but we are thankful for the work we've been given, the purpose of serving each day, and the beauty of growing in Christ and walking each season with Him! Happy [belated!] November!

Fall In Line

Fall In LineSeptember. The month of my birth, my daughter's birth, RP's birth (a lot of birthing going on, whew!), but also the month of realigning our lives, restructuring our schedules, and refocusing our directions. As we seek to have everything fall back in line again, we as Whisper Mountain staff have been getting inspired to connect with and encourage our friends and fans (that's you!) a little more intentionally! I do work with some pret-ty amazing people, so I'm looking forward to the encouragement myself through our social media realms! Plans are in the works for others to jump in and share from their corners of the world as well. I'm excited. Are you? I hope you'll feel free to interact with us or at the very least be encouraged! Being in this life gig together makes it a whole lot easier, wouldn't you agree?

Happy September, friends! Cheers to Falling in Line! 

{Here's where I give full credit for the title "Fall in Line"–I came across this title in a monthly devotional mailed to us by David Jeremiah. (I'm sure he personally mails them to us…you know, we're tight!) Was the perfect fit for our goals this month!}

colorful & consuming

ConsumedFor a little more than a month now, I've we've been consumed with a retreat taking place this weekend! The planning, praying over, preparing, promoting, programming…what other p word is there that relates?! Any-who, we've had our heads down in it. (More so than with our other fall retreats…this one is specialized!)

Consumed colorful trailWhile the trail leading up to this weekend has been quite colorful…

Consuming overcast…and sometimes overcast, I am believing the mountains of prayer are leading the way to an even more colorful encounter with a personal God for each person showing up (and even those involved!)!

Consumed beautyWhile skeptics and cynics would say it's just life, I would like to add that the many *curious* difficulties in recent days have me thinking there's more to this retreat than a gathering of people! More mountains of prayers from those rich in faith would be greatly welcomed! (This weary warrior is about to crumble!) 

Consumed side noteOn the side, while we're talking color…how do you like the new pop on our directional signs? I think they are pretty happy with their upgrade, don't you?! (thanks RP and helpers!)

Friends, cynics, skeptics and faith-filled…go be awesome today!

our now

Our now 4// Enjoying the bends in the road and piles of goodness dropping in on us, both as individuals and as a camp.

Our now 3// Finding the splashes of color along the way to mean God is working rather than a mess is making!

Our now

Our now2// Being startled by the unexpected creatures previous guests have planted here and there! (and imagining them giggling while planting them!)

Our now 5
// Soaking in the beautiful weather and landscape that changes by the day.

Each of us staffers are enjoying, growing, stretching and walking our path along the trail in camp ministry! While different spots are more fun than others, the whole trail has us walking nearer to our Jesus, each other, and those in our world. That is what the walking is about after all!

painting dirt

Green 2
Green3Whisper Mountain's high ropes cove probably never felt as big as it seemed to our guys this week! They felt every square inch of its vastness as they raked to (near) perfection! I don't think this cove has ever looked so good! For the past five years, our campers and our staffers have dealt with the dirt and mud as they experienced our course. But folks…that's all about to change!


Green5Today our miracle workers showed up and painted the cove green! We watched with big ole grins!

Green6 Because we all are dreaming of the lush growth that should come by spring!

Green7Lord, bless the growth!

True ID 2011

Shop-block-1Whisper Mountain had a lovely time this past weekend hosting our annual True ID Retreat for teen girls! With "God's Boutique" all set and the tables decked out for a feast, we welcomed both local and non-local girls for their one night stay, and their 2 day encounter with the truths from God's Word about their value, their purpose, their hope! Gods-boutique

Did-blockGiveaways, yummy food, girly time, pop-culture vs God's truth, dance-off, connecting, smores…this is how we spent the weekend!Girls-block

Leaders-blockThe True ID leaders who came from Charlotte and Virginia to run the program did a great job connecting with these girls, leading workshops, and teaching! We appreciate them sharing their hearts as they did!Girls-3-block

GroupThank you to those who helped us bless these girls through the provision of giveaway prizes and those who helped cut felt that we fashioned into hair accessories (as seen on some of the girls above), those who prayed for this event! We believe God has used this in the hearts of some girls who are desparate for Him! (To learn how to make your own hair accessories, visit this page!)

 (oh and…my daughter was old enough to participate in this event. gulp.)

and they all came tumbling down

Fall is bustling at camp. Between retreats, prep for retreats, building the tent platform, and doing necessary work around the property to ready it for winter, we each have our days full! But is there anything like a good ole tree drop? We have been dropping dead hemlocks like there's no tomorrow! This guy (the professional we call friend!) has been lending his skills and we couldn't be more grateful!

He's such an efficient worker that the guys helping to haul out what he was chopping down were hoping he'd decide to be done a lot sooner than he was! Things are safer and looking so much nicer with all the trees down. One tree that was sort of dreaded, but very necessary to come down is one that stood tall by cabins 1 and 2. With the winds we get throughout winter, there was fear of it coming down on one of these buildings. With Frank and his chainsaw (and his know-how!), they decided it was a good time to bring her down!

To ensure it fell the right way, the guys had a bright idea to help pull it with a rope! I wish I could have captured them running as the tree came down. Pulled muscles and escalated heart rates reminded them they made it out alive! (these are no spring chicks!) 


Though it's quite a bit of work after the drop, there's nothing quite like watching a tree fall, hearing the cracks, feeling the thump as years of growth tips over and shakes the earth. Quite an experience! There's plenty more where this came from! You want to experience it? We welcome any lumberjack wanna-bes! Come help us out sometime soon! (The food's good!)


Fall-raking There have been many little changes taking place at camp over the past couple months.  The website, the landscape, operations.  There have been projects worked on. A secret (until later in the month!), painting, building, repairing, preparing.  There are always things changing. Many fear change while others embrace it!  For me, I am enjoying the changes, feeling a little stressed by them at moments as I find where the new rhythm is in it all, but finding fresh life in what's happening! The little steps forward, rolling with the tide, floating on the breeze…changes can bring such good!