2020 | Fall Retreats

We have had a swelling retreat season this fall! We usually have a decently full fall, but 2020 was different – people needed to get out of isolation and into community in the great outdoors!

Some groups requested we didn’t post their group while at camp and we also desired to protect people from seeing an image and misunderstanding how we were following the proper protocols, so we didn’t share very many pictures of our fall retreats on social media. These times are crazy, aren’t they? So much fear has been instilled in us during this COVID time that we don’t always see clearly.

All that aside, we have felt privileged to serve the people who have come our way. We shared about our Men’s Retreat here (click that!). Below are a few pictures we felt were okay to share of some of the groups we welcomed (following all the proper protocols!!).

God pulled people from isolation and brought them into the mountains this fall where they could be with people who encouraged them, spoke truth from His Word and provided the face to face community all of humanity was meant to have!

How are you handling these times? Hope may be harder to find in these times, but the God of hope is able to “fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

Keep believing!

Church at Charlotte In Tents | Summer 2016

Early this summer we welcomed the Church at Charlotte middle schoolers, but this past extended weekend we welcomed the Church at Charlotte high schoolers for a different sort of stay!

Church at Charlotte In Tents at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

On a week long camping trip, we were just one of a few stops they were making. They began with us and will end at Niagra Falls! Awesome right?! We saw first time camping people adjusting (some better than others) and seasoned ones soaking it up! Part of the goal while at Whisper Mountain was for them to experience walking like Jesus walked. They stayed on the opposite side of the “normal” camp. If you’ve never walked our roads, you can’t quite appreciate the reality of walking from one side of our property to the other (where the bathhouse is!).

Church at Charlotte In Tents

Aside from the walking, a good dose of heat, and a rain situation, they seemed to enjoy the time they had on the high and low ropes courses.

Church at Charlotte High Ropes GroupChurch at Charlotte at Whisper Mountain Camp eno life

I (Cassi) admire the leaders for taking these teens outside their normal comfort. We too easily get stuck inside the posh life we experience (if you are reading this on a computer or handheld device, that’s you!!). Sometimes getting outside of that, experiencing a little inconvenience and less than ideal can make us grow in such unexpected ways. Hearing the conversations and observing them even briefly made me take a look at what I’ve been taking for granted, made me slow down and find the bare boned simplicity within today. As a result, I find myself thanking God more!

Church at Charlotte Walkers In Tents.jpg

Thank you, Seth and Nikki and CAC teens, for stopping in at Whisper Mountain, for all you’re doing to lead these teens, and for the beautiful reminder to me to simply walk with God! May He bless you as you follow Him!

WM + MP = right now


I know it's technically spring, BUT it feels a little more like winter at the moment!

We've been enjoying the warmth of a few families spending their spring breaks serving at Whisper Mountain! Yeah…pretty awesome!
Along with that awesomeness comes a coupla visiting summer staffers! You may recognize Hope and Emily! They have had some firsts on this visit with us!
Hope emily
So fun! Along with that awesomeness comes sledding–backwoods style!

Such good times! There has been a little work getting done, but I must say the snow has been an enjoyable distraction for everyone! Something magical about that white stuff!
Snowday11And something warming about people sharing in such magic!
Also Noteworthy: TODAY IS MARTY's 5? th BIRTHDAY!!
I think he's pretty worth celebrating! Give him a shout out if you wanna!!
With a wink and smile, Happy Hump Day!

how did Noah do it?

Rains have been falling for days now and even as I sit at the patchy internet this morning the rains continue! Grab your umbrella and let's take a quick stroll to see the effects of the rain around us!

<On Long Creek>


Long-creek-03If you've been to camp before, you know the banks of Long Creek are definitely swelling! If there wasn't the danger of smacking into someone's bridge, it could be quite an adventure to tube down!

<at Whipser Mountain>



Where's the hope when life drenches us and threatens to flood our hearts with despair? Why, anchoring to the Rock, that's where!

Long.wm-creek-11I have a little more compassion for Noah enduring so many drab days, confined inside (and with such an odor!) now too!

In whatever you face today, I hope you stay afloat with hope!

pulling away

Selah-hammockingA main goal of Whisper Mountain is to offer a place to pull away from the noise in order to help people hear God's whisper. What happens when Whisper Mountain is our noise? Our staff struggles to pull away often enough, but it feels nearly impossible in the summer camp season! Yesterday I had to smile when I caught Selah pulling away! She gets it…the alone and quiet are needed to survive the chaos life can bring! I walked away from this picture inspired!

May you find the same inspiration to get a moment of quiet and alone!

Happy Friday, friends!

it’s a wild life in robbinsville

2-turkeysWhile we don't see many deer (they say it's all the hunting dogs that over populate our area) or bear (they say they are everywhere, just pretty shy), what we do have in abundance are turkey. Could have something to do with the feeders scattered around the property, but they are our entertainment on many occasions! My favorite is seeing the jakes strutting their stuff among the womenfolk who could really care less! (I won't draw any parallels here!) And hearing them cackle and chat with each other! Community…makes everyone a happier being!

Some of *our* girls (hens) are sitting on eggs which has me excited to catch a siting like this one sometime soon!

Observing wildlife…a fun activity that may not be on google's list of *fun things to do in Robbinsville* but it's on our Whisper Mountain list! Speaking of google's list, when I did this recent search one site put this tip on their page: Increase your radius in the upper right corner. Yep. It's true (and had me laughing…yes, out loud!). If you're looking for something big to do here, you better increase that radius in your search. But me, I find small town livin' is the best!

Happy May, friends!

(P.S. Only 18 days until I get my camera back! Just had to share!)

March says hello

March-6March says hello on the springy-est of days. Warmth, sunshine, and birdsong greet us today! And it is with such cheer that I greet you! The start of a new month brings to me a deep breath and the motivation of a fresh start! The start of many things and the faithfulness to many more! May you find the same refreshing deep breath this day! And may you find the motivation to start something fresh!

Happy March to you friends!


Foggy cabin
Foggy cabin 2  As quiet as the fog above the river in the morning, so is Whisper Mountain after the days of summer camp have ended! As a staff we are breathing a big sigh: of relief that we made it through; of satisfaction that we accomplished the work God had for us to do; of completion (for a window of time) as we allow our bodies, minds and souls to have a little rest.

I will meet you here again next week! Until then, blessings on your days!

joyful trots

Turkeys-2 Our minds and energies are being spent on preparations for the new arrivals that will be trottin' the Whisper Mountain trail this week! I can't wait to introduce you to our summer staff!

For now, I wanted to give you a peek at the littles running around! How Mama Turkey keeps all her chatty babes in tow intrigues me! As I watch, I find myself grateful that I only have 3 (though some would say 4!) to look after rather than ten!TurkeysWhether tending to the family like Mama Turkey, or preparing for summer like the WM Staff, or working, living & playing however it is you do, may the walking be with joy as we walk with a thankful heart!

in process

As May smiles her hello at our doorstep, we find much in process at Whisper Mountain!

Garden prep   :: our garden

Logs in waiting     :: this summer's campfire and next winter's fire wood

Nature     :: unfolding of beauty

Amphitheatre to come     :: prayer garden amphitheater

Nesting     :: life cycles

Painting     :: facility improvements

Lake build     :: the lake build

My heart     :: our hearts

*In process* is an ongoing state of living…for nature, for people and for ministries!

What's in process for you?