The Story of the Three Goats

Maybe it’s our sign at the entrance that makes people feel like we are a good place to offload their unwanted animals, but since our first summer sixteen years ago, we’ve had people drop baby kittens, dogs, and more on our bridge to wander on up our road looking for food, care and comfort. Though their conscience has been cleared, our time and energy to handle their situation becomes our burden.

Mostly, this is on Marty, but last month, we all got the experience we weren’t hoping for when a trio of goats showed up on the camp property! Whether they were dropped to us or wandered their way over the mountain on their own is unknown, but there they were.

Apparently goats aren’t a fan of rain so they found shelter underneath our hub porch. In the winter, we store our utility carts under there, and we also happened to have massive bags of (expensive) Bentonite Clay stored there too. Those goats…they had torn open the fine powdery clay and mixed together their own concoction with their excrements and muddy hooves. The hub smelled like a barnyard. To really make this exciting, we had an interested youth pastor coming to tour the camp for their group to possibly come to camp this summer!

We’ll spare the details, but after a long and dramatic experience, we captured and lost, and finally (a couple weeks later) re-captured all three of the goats. Maple became an amazing goat herder and Marty was quick to make use of whatever cables, racket straps or ropes he could find in a split second. The entire full time staff pulled together to get this area of camp clean, aka muck the stall. We scooped sludge, pressure-washed, scrubbed tables, swings, the grill, rugs and so much more. Some things just got tossed out because…ewwww. We got it all fresh and new in time for the tour for the visiting youth pastor (who loved it and is coming, btw!)!

There’s never a dull moment around these parts. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s both! We had put this saga on our instagram stories while it was happening and many thought it a fine idea to turn them into goat burgers, which Marty was very close to doing! But you’ll be happy to know, all three goats are happily living their best lives on a goat farm of some local friends of ours!

Moral of the story: Never slip knot a rope around a goat’s neck (even if that’s all you can manage in the moment) or it will try to hang itself.

The End.

Author | Cassi
iPhone Images | Marty & Cassi


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