The CWE Provision

If there’s ever been anything good to come from C0V1D, it’s been our partnership with a ministry called CWE — Christians for Worldwide Evangelism. “CWE’s desire is to see people from the U.S. have their lives ‘transformed’ on the foreign mission field.” Typically, CWE sends volunteers overseas to help build churches, etc for missionaries. With travel being restricted in these times, they turned inward to the states to serve! Whisper Mountain Camp became a place they wanted to partner with! PRAISE THE LORD FOR SUCH A PARTNERSHIP!

As you may know, we’ve been collecting funds for new camper lodging for a couple years now. Going into debt and turning away larger groups who want the Whisper Mountain experience are not options we can live with. So when CWE came along, we felt God’s provision as a welcome relief! Per the usual, His provision always involves bringing more people into the community to accomplish the goal! God’s economy.

Though it’s not our original plan — they make these things happen by being very concise and organized — we are thrilled to be having them build a 28-person lodge with bathrooms directly in the lodge. Here’s the miracle part: they cover 75% of the costs, we pay 25%. Because of people giving to the building fund, we have our 25%. I don’t know if you realize how much a building costs but THIS IS HUGE!!!!! And we keep pinching ourselves — God is GREATLY providing!

We’ve had representatives from CWE here a couple times now to see the build site, to meet with suppliers and make orders and plans so when they begin to show up with volunteers the third week of March we will be ready for go time!

Here’s how it will work: they find volunteers for four different work weeks, so it’s only a week long commitment for people. Those volunteers will have specific jobs to have completed by the end of their week. So after four weeks, if all goes as planned (pray it does!), the cabin will be move-in ready by mid-April. WHICH MEANS: more room for campers THIS summer!!!

There will be skilled people who lead the unskilled workers each week! IF YOU WANT TO COME WITH CWE FOR A WEEK TO HELP US BUILD: fill out their volunteer form here. We would love to have your footprints on our ministry: Please don’t hesitate to get involved in this project! Let us know if you have any questions! At the very least, praise God with us as He has provided yet again for the vision He’s given us here at Whisper Mountain Camp.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Author | Cassi Photography | CWE Website

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