Summer Camp 2019 | Robbinsville Locals + Mine City Baptist

The joining of two smaller groups made for a great week at Whisper Mountain Camp!

Robbinsville Locals.Mine Group.Adrienne

A little rain tried to mess our week up, but when you get to escape your noise, there’s no rain that can ruin that parade! Our Robbinsville Locals joined up with Mine City Baptist this past week. We never know for sure how groups will mesh together, but these guys all really enjoyed each other!

Mine City Archery at Whisper Mountain CampRobbinsville Locals at Camp.AdrienneMine City Bazooka Ball at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne

The safe and fun atmosphere we work hard to create is important. The intentional conversations and connections we work hard to establish are crucial. The purposeful activities we work hard too translate into tangible life lessons are useful. The encouragement and support we work hard to display can be game changing. But ultimately God’s love and grace infusing each of these opportunities is what makes camp at Whisper Mountain so special!

Robbinsville Locals Human Knot at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpgMine City Smiles.adrienneMine City Encouragement at Whisper Mountain Camp

Daily activities bookended by God’s Word open up hearts and minds to hear God’s whisper.

Mine City Solo Time at Whisper Mountain Camp.AdrienneWorship at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpg

May the friendship, experiences and growth found here continue to spur each one on to walking deeper and more fully with Jesus!

Robbinsville Locals Pamper Pole at Whisper Mountain CampLocals Hammocking at Whisper Mountain Camp

Thanks for spending the week with us, Locals and Mine City! Keep spending that time in God’s Word and pursuing His holiness! Until next time….

Author | Cassi     Photography | Adrienne + Cassi


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