Summer Camp 2019| Relevance Community’s Impact Youth

Last week we welcomed our first campers of the summer to Whisper Mountain! Relevance Community Church has a heart to serve people and sending their teens to camp at Whisper Mountain is more about them coming as a work team to minister in our local community!

Relevance Group Pic.adrienne

The Landscape Team went out to help clean up the yards of those who were no longer able to do so.

Relevance Landscape HouseRelevance LandscapersRelevance Landscapers2

The Hospitality Team helped out at a thrift store, spent time with those living in the nursing home, and played music and helped people out to their car with groceries at the local Ingles.

Relevance HospitalityRelevance Thrift

The final team was an onsite construction team that helped to build a staircase coming down from our cabins to the Hub! YESSSSSSS! Amazing!

Relevance Construction BeforeRelevance ConstructionRelevance Construction After

Of course when all the work was done for the day, our staff was able to lead them in worship and teaching and they were able to have some fun at the lake too!

Relevance Lake2.adrienneRelevance Lake1

Aptly named, Impact Youth have impacted us here at Whisper Mountain and in our local community. Thank you for loving through serving! Keep chasing Jesus above all else!

Find pictures from their week on our Instagram feed with #impactstudentsatwm or on our Facebook page!


Author | Cassi    Photography | Cassi and Adrienne



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