Crossover Outreach

Crossover Outreach Group

What a week with this all guys group! For many, coming to Whisper Mountain Camp was the first time leaving their city! Imagine only knowing a Florida landscape and coming up to these North Carolina mountains! What’s a hammock? I have to walk all they way up what mountain? To where? Again?


But the challenges they willingly faced, the group building they experienced, the rivalry they laughed through, the practiced quiet they discovered…the whole week was new and tough and an opportunity for growth.


Not all of them knew Jesus, but they have been given the chance to hear of His love and to experience His love through the amazing commitment of their leaders, who in many ways have proven to be father figures for many of these guys!


We were entertained by the fun personalities, encouraged to see God working in their hearts and through their leaders and challenged to connect and Proclaim Christ to any and all groups God sends our way!

WM VOlunteers

And we are so grateful for the crowd of volunteers we found ourselves sharing the work load with! WE HAVE THE BEST VOLUNTEERS! They are our superheroes! Thanks guys for loving and serving with us this week!

And thank you Crossover Outreach for coming to Whisper Mountain! We pray God continues to show Himself to each of you and infuses you leaders with His love and strength as you continue to serve these teens!


See more of their time with us on our Instagram or Instagram Highlights!



Author | Cassi

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