Summer 2017 | Relevance Community Church

Talk about a team of teens who love to serve! That’s Relevance. They broke up into teams and spread out around our local Robbinsville community to spread the love of Jesus through service and smiles!

Relevance Group with Staff

From weed whacking to socializing at the senior center to singing outside our local grocery store, these teens and their leaders served with everything they had in them! We still held our worship and teaching services with them, and they still got alone with Jesus in the mornings, but this mission work team was focused on raiding our town with service.

Check out a video of their week with us (by clicking the picture below)!

Video Still

Thanks for coming and for blessing the socks off of people! You are an inspiration and light! Keep shining at home!

Catch their candid pictures on our instagram feed using their hashtag!

[Author: Cassi | Photo Creds: Cassi | Video Creds: Christian Miller | Video Content Creds: Emilie, Chloe, Casey ]

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