Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Amanda

Get ready for some awesome to be inserted into your day! Amanda is on the stage!

Amanda at Whisper Mountain Camp

If you were to meet Amanda, you’d find someone super humble and sweet; you’d find a new best friend!

Amanda has returned this year after shining as a GIT last year! (click that and take a looksy!) Since her promotion as a Guide, we have seen Amanda step up in many ways but still hanging tight to her hard work ethic and doing whatever it is that needs doing!

Low Ropes

Her attitude continues to be among the best on our staff, always remaining cheerful and willing! That’s hard to do, especially as the summer wears a person out!

Rec Crew.jpg

She is quick to find the people that may not have someone to talk to and reaching out to make them feel a part! She’s sweet and someone you’d want to spend time with!

Amanda Cart

Thank you, Manders, for being such a top notch human! We really, sincerely, completely would hate to do without you! Thanks for being here!

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