Five Stones Church — High School | Summer 2016

Five Stones High School at WM Group.jpg

Last week we enjoyed Five Stone Church’s High School crowd at Whisper Mountain! These Charlotte teens brought excitement and friendship along with them!

Five Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp

They run their week a little different than the other groups through the summer, so although their schedule feels a little more fast and furious, they enjoyed the best of camp before week’s end!

Five Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp High RopesFive Stones at Whisper Mountain Camp PaintballFive Stones Church at Whisper Mountain Camp

We saw a couple teens give their lives to Jesus (you’re hottin’ and hollerin’ right?!!!) and many more find breakthrough in places they felt captive! Jesus makes us new, He frees us and changes everything for the better! These High Schoolers experienced Him in some personal ways this week!

Five Stones Leaders at Whisper Mountain Camp

Their leaders love them well, make all things fun and help lead the way to deeper walks with Him!

Five Stones Color War at Whisper Mountain Camp

Five Stones High Schoolers, thank you for coming and spending a week with us! May you continue to chase after all things Jesus!

(Find the instagram file for #summitatwm2016 here! High school and middle school weeks are both included!)

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