Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Chaz

Chaz Title Pic

Chaz, the GIT with pizzazz! (It rhymed, folks, just go with it!) His initiative and sincere care are just two things I automatically think of when I think of Chaz! Every time I turn around, it seems I catch him seeing a need and meeting it!

Chaz Balance

Chaz has a good balance of responsibility and fun, which I believe is a great combo for life! Reliable but knows how to laugh, smart but lives in humility. Great combo, I say!

Chaz GIT Gator

As a GIT (Guide In Training), there are jobs that aren’t fun or take him away from all that’s going on, but he always works with such a positive attitude! And we all know attitude is a leaking of the heart — speaking so much about a person!

Chaz paintball

His servant heart, sincere interest in others, and desire to keep growing and being shaped like Christ are what mark Chaz’s place here on our summer team!

Chaz Hello

Thank you for serving with us this summer, Chaz! Your influence on the teens coming through our gates is far reaching as you shine Jesus and exemplify godly manhood to them! We appreciate you!

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