Church at Charlotte Middle School Summer 2016

Welcome CAC to Whisper Mountain Camp

Last week was our first time welcoming the Church at Charlotte Middle Schoolers! What a great group of people!

Church at Charlotte Solo Time

When people pull out of the noise of their everyday lives and get alone in the quiet of nature, they give themselves the opportunity to hear the whisper of God. When that whisper is heard, when God personally connects with those seeking Him, well, that life is beautifully changed!

Church at Charlotte Archery

Church at Charlotte at WM

Two lives were eternally changed this week as they gave their heart to Jesus and many others bolstered their intentions to follow God more intentionally and personally! Being surrounded by people who display the love of Christ, who are intentional to connect and encourage makes a huge difference in the camp experience!

CAC Group 2016

We completely enjoyed our time with you, CAC! We hope to welcome you again! Until then,  go be alien ambassadors!! (Dakota, Maple misses you!)

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