Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Landen

Most summers we spotlight our summer staff here on the blog so you can catch a glimpse of some awesome people God is in the midst of using and shaping for His glory! Here at Whisper Mountain, we really enjoy our staff — building relationships with them that go well beyond the summer months! We like to say, once you’re summer staff, you’re always part of the family! And most people like it that way!

To start our 2016 stage, allow me to introduce you to Landen Luettich:

Landen Title Pic

Landen is a junior in high school whose parents think it an awesome thing to build some more work ethic into their son! Nothing like a weed whacker to get the job done!

Landen Weed Whacking

With 130 acres and nobody else to help out — you tend to build some character. And some muscle! Not that he needs help in that department! (#chicmagnet)

Landen Loved

What’s not to love about this face?! No, but seriously! Landen is a gentleman in every way, willing to do what needs doing with a good attitude, and mixes in nicely with anyone he is around! He’s an all around amazing guy and we are excited to have him part of our team for the month he is serving with us!

Landen Waving

(In case you think you recognize him: he, his mom and sister served with us a couple years back! (See how he left a boy and returned a man!!)

Landen Bulls Eye

When it comes to helping us believe there are still great guys being raised up in this generation, Landen hits the bull’s eye every time! We pray God continues to have his way in Landen’s heart!

Thank you for serving with us, Landen!

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