One lie we tell ourselves

Togetherness Paintball Girls

We are stronger when we are together. We tell ourselves that’s not the truth, we fight hard to make that not true, but it is. When we finally give in to the reality that we aren’t fully our best without others, we finally start becoming all we were meant to be!

Togetherness Low Ropes

Needing others doesn’t mean we are weak, it means we are operating as God intended — in community! Community is just what the Whisper Mountain Summer Staff have been building!

Togetherness Table TalkLearning to trust and being trustworthy, braving below the surface level, connecting with others where they are, leading and being willing to be lead — this is the stuff of community!

Togetherness Jump

Whether the leap into community feels like the scariest thing on earth or the easiest, don’t stop building into others and allowing others to build into you.

Togetherness RockThe rewards are worth the effort. You’ll be the best you yet!


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