Flamingo Flocking — say what?

Flamingo Flocking for WM

Have you ever heard of a Flamingo Flocking?! We hadn’t either, but boy have we gotten acquainted now! Here’s the deal: a Life Group in Florida wanted a way to help raise money for Whisper Mountain Camp. SOOO they gathered some Plastic Pink Flamingos, attached a letter to one of them, and “flocked” a yard of a friend. When the friend came home, he was delightfully surprised to find a flock of flamingos in his yard. After reading the letter, he decided to make a donation to Whisper Mountain Camp in North Carolina. He then got to “flock” a friend too! On and on it went!

Flamingo Flocking Collage

You guys, it’s nuts how great this worked. Who would have ever thought 75 people would give several thousand dollars to help grow the vision of Whisper Mountain Camp? We can’t get over it! And the fun stories we’ve heard from those who went and flocked together! I imagine it was just as fun as those TPing days back in high school (or so I’ve heard, I’ve never actually…. ahem…!)! What a great way to build community and have fun together — kids and all! We couldn’t be more thankful for all those who generously flocked and/or donated! (If that was you — HUGE thank you!)

Flamingo Flocking Graduates

We got to thinking how other people might like to have some fun with their Life Group or community while also raising money and awareness of Whisper Mountain Camp! If that’s you…


Thanks, and have a great day!


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