Trivia Giveaway | A1: the name

Thank you to all those who entered our Trivia Giveaway over the weekend by answering the trivia question! I’ll tell you the winner in a minute! First, the answer!


In the camp’s formative years, I Kings 19:12 was impressed on Marty’s heart as he was seeking God for the ministry ahead. Elijah, waiting for God on the  mountain, experienced fire and earthquake, but he didn’t hear God until there came a quiet whisper.

Whisper Mountain Camp had found its heartbeat and mission: to provide a refuge from the everyday noise so individuals can hear the whisper of God.

A1 Mountain Scene.jpg


The randomly raffled, correct answer winner is

NIC, who answered: “1 kings 19:11-14”

Your mug ships today!

Thank you again for all those who joined in! We shall do this again!

Make some time today to hear God’s life-changing, personal whisper to you!

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