A Farmer’s Market + a giveaway

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A few weekends ago, even the uncrafty among us found enjoyment and refreshment in making something beautiful with our hands! Whether we are being stretched to try something new or find a familiar rhythm in what we know, making time to make things allows us to reap the benefits of a more refreshed spirit, which helps us keep going in this life we’re living!

Farmers Market

Air Plant CupBouquetPainterPainting Air Plants

A small group of ladies gathered to make garden inspired beauty to add to their homes. Aside from the crafting, we enjoyed easy conversation, a farmer’s market lunch, and learning from a florist how to bring the backyard in for beautiful and simple flower arrangements.

Lunch PlateMarket Veggies

On top of all this, each lady went home with a swag box of goodies from some amazing and generous small business sponsors! We happen to have one more box of goodies and we’d really like to give it away to one of you. First, may I introduce you to our sponsors and give you a peek into what you would be winning?

High Mowing Seed Packets

  • Organic seeds for the garden from High Mowing Seeds (we use these for our camp garden!)

Treefort Naturals Garden Grit Soap Sample

Neat Prints Blooming Print

Wehrloom Honey Sticks

  • Blackberry Honey Sticks from our local bee shop Wehrloom Honey (DELICIOUS!)

Airplant in Bell Cup

  • Airplants (not part of our swag bags, but part of our event!)  from  BL Industries on Etsy (so cute and fun — they don’t need soil!)

Bonus Gifts

  • BONUS GIFTS from us: Peppermint Lip Balm, Garden Gloves, Lindt Chocolates, and a Poppy Grow Kit

Spring Giveaway WM Craftivities

To sweeten the box just a bit more, we’d like to also throw in $10 off our September Mosaic Craftivities Event! (These spots have already begun filling!) To try your chance at winning the swag box and discount, leave a comment on this blog post telling us if you consider yourself a green thumb or a black thumb (or some other color if somewhere in the middle!!)! The winner will be selected and contacted on Monday, April 4!

The randomly selected WINNER is……..

Marla Jollie!! Congratulations!

Thanks for reading here and joining in the fun of the giveaway! We hope you make time to make things and enjoy the beauty of spring around you!

11 thoughts on “A Farmer’s Market + a giveaway

  1. My family tells me I definitely have a green thumb, because all I touch seems to grow and multiply. Gardening, flowers and vegetables, brings me much joy and restores my soul by working in God’s beautiful nature that he has given,uplifting my spirit when I need it most.


  2. Well, I USED to consider myself a green thumb, but not so much anymore! But I still like to TRY! I have quite a pot of basil going right now that I am very proud of! I have not given up hope!


  3. I do not consider myself a green thumb but we do have plants growing in our house… So I guess the lighting must be just right… I love gardening though this is my third year without a garden… Oh well… In this house it was dad and I doing the gardening together so it has been difficult getting out there without him! We miss dad every day especially this time of year…


  4. I must have a blue thumb because water is always the issue with the plants that did not survive me. I either overwatered or under-watered them. I do much better with the plants outside because God does the watering. 🙂 Plants bring me so much joy, though, and this spring, especially. I wrote the following this week…moved by the beauty all around me and the stirring within me:

    The First Spring (after cancer)

    There must be more flowers this year
    Or their colors are just more brilliant
    Or winter is just so austere
    And the plants so very resilient

    They press on through cold, hard ground
    Encountering rocks, they go around
    Determined to fulfill their fate
    And bless those who anticipate

    The sun awakens them
    And the rain nourishes them…
    to bloom

    No, there are not more flowers this year
    And the colors have always been dazzling
    The eye that sees them has changed
    And the winter before so frazzling

    As I press on through the cold, harsh day
    And encounter the rocks in my way
    I must be as determined as they
    And make the most of this “clay”

    The Son awakens me
    And His reign in my life nourishes me
    To bloom

    Pam Cagle


  5. I’m definitely a black thumb. The jade I got at the ladies retreat last year? It only lasted about 3 months. I think I watered it twice.


  6. Can you have a greyish-green thumb? I definitely don’t have my Mama Kay’s green thumb. In fact I joke with her that she has two green thumbs because everything she plants grows magnificently. I do ok with garden, but I can’t keep much going in the way of house plants. I do have an Aloe plant that I forget to water, but it keeps growing. I guess it is tough on the inside like me. Thank goodness the Lord keeps me watered with His word and Grace so I can grow and thrive daily with strength and joy!


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