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All kinds of people come to Whisper Mountain from all kinds of places and backgrounds. Their stories are unique and interesting and ordinarily beautiful. Being on staff, we get to see glimpses into the work God is in the midst of remaining faithful to complete. Sometimes it’s messy, frustrating, or impossible, but all that imperfect leads to the redeeming perfection of Christ.

As part of our celebration of 10 years of ministry through Whisper Mountain, we want to share some of the stories of the people who come through our gates. The hope is to help you see how God is encountering people in personal ways so they can know Him and make Him known. This God of ours — there’s none like Him! His name is worth proclaiming!

The video below is a quick picture of God graciously orchestrating our lives so we can have the opportunity to choose Him. He has gone and continues to go to great lengths to rescue us and build a relationship with us! People, if you don’t get excited about being loved like this, come to Whisper Mountain so we can help you encounter Him!

(if unable to view the video, click here)

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