Burning the Barn


In December, I took a few pictures of our old Tobacco Barn, knowing she was on her last leg! It wasn’t quite 2 weeks later when she finally gave up and crumbled! We weren’t there when it happened, so there’s no documentation of that,but we were there to witness the sad heap of history of this Whisper Mountain property!

Barn Clean Up 4

Barn Clean Up 1

shaun’s iphone pic

The guys have been working hard to get things cleaned up. There are lots of piles: the burn pile for all the rotten wood, the keep pile for the siding that will go in our new building someday, the get rid of pile for the odds and ends of the few things that were still left inside, the sell pile for those tires that finally found a loving home!

Barn Clean Up 2

Barn Clean Up 3

While it feels sorta hard to say goodbye to something that’s always been there, it’s also pretty exciting to see the space clear up so we can keep moving forward within the vision of WM! Change is like that, you know? Sad and exciting!

For those of you who’ll be coming this summer, things will be looking a little different on your drive to the top!

And while we are talking burn pile, here’s a reminder from Shaun:

Lighter Fluid Christian

If you don’t know what that means, ask him!

Have a great day!



One thought on “Burning the Barn

  1. good buy barn.praise no one got hurt. remember to pray for me on tue the 18 as my left groin will be operated on. Im sure glad God is in control. love you all- alex a


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