Reflections from the Pond


When we aren’t planning for summer, seeing to the endless details of a non-profit, hosting retreats or carrying out the plans of summer then there are projects going on around the property! Some of you were at camp this summer when this was going on:Pond-Reno-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp

Remember when the tractor got stuck and then rescued?! Yeah, if you were a camper that week you got a front row seat to a great show!  Since there was already a mess, it felt timely to allow a service group to reno the fire pit area as well!


Now nobody will fall back into the pond while eating s’mores! All in all a good thing! The cluster of people from Gateway Grace‘s service team did an amazing job (read worked their tails off ) on the retaining wall! What made the job sweeter was all their work was done with smiles on! I mean, pretty stellar, right?


The guys worked out the piping this fall and the pond has now  filled up to full now! Isn’t it beautiful? Great plans for solo time benches and quiet spots all along the (two) ponds (one not pictured here!) and creek are in the works! There’s nothing quite like resting in the glory of Creator God and hearing His whisper!

Sunny Tractor at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

We hope you’ll get the pleasure of such an experience at Whisper Mountain in 2016, but make time to sit with Him today, wherever you are!

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