Craftivities Event in Pictures

Whisper Mountain’s mission is to get people outside of their everyday noise so they can hear the whisper of a personal God! Last weekend, we turned that focus toward a small gathering of women. Though we didn’t have a spiritual focus per se, I’d say we were able to provide an atmosphere that fed the soul in a most refreshing way!

Make time to make things is what it’s about! The ladies enjoyed conversation, simple and giftable crafts, yummy food and time that allowed the mind space while the hands worked. Therapy for each of us — which makes this a day we want to repeat!


Keeping this event smaller was a good decision, as was opening the day up to a mix of ages! On the side: don’t you think our society could greatly benefit from more opportunities of the young mingling with the seasoned in life? Such wisdom going untapped there — but that’s just one girl’s opinion! Each woman who came was in such a different place, each facing hard things (spoken or unspoken), but drawn together by the primal need to create. Even for the “uncrafty” among us! Walking away a little bit more awake within than before is a good sign the day was a success!


To those who joined us, thank you for coming and giving this event a try! We hope you’ll come again!

GOOD NEWS: if you weren’t able to join us this time, our 2016 calendar holds 3 Craftivities Events! We are finalizing the dates and details, but cannot wait to share more with you at the start of the new year! Plan to join us for one or all of those events!!

For today, make time to make things! Take care of you so you can find new energy to keep living the life you’ve been given!

Have a good day friends!


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