Fall 2015 >> Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat


Thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, raincoats became a big part of our first men’s retreat here at Whisper Mountain! But, what’s a little weather when guys get out in the woods, away from their normal pressures, enjoying good conversation and laughter, and indulging in home-cooked meals?


We saw everyone have a good time, even if they’d never shot a bow before! Some kids shot as good as some of the guys, but it was never really about skill. It was about the refreshment and connection a weekend like this offers.



After some target shooting, the guys broke into teams to begin the 3D shoot in our woodsball paintball course!

Whisper Mountain Men's 3D Archery Retreat 2015


We are thankful for Jason Dellinger (he’s the guy on the right in the photo above!) offering the guys short but powerful challenges, encouraging them to be men of diligence!


All throughout the weekend, prizes were raffled off randomly (how did some of those kids get so lucky!?!). For the tourney, one winner from the adults and one from the youth were recognized. Junior and Issac (pictured above) won those trophies! And the giveaway of all giveaways (the crossbow!) went to Joe! He’s looking pretty pumped, right?!


To those of you who came: we really enjoyed having you join us for our first men’s weekend! Thanks for having fun even in the rain. We hope you’ll join us again next year!

To all the others: plan on coming next year! We’ve worked out all the kinks now!! Dates will come out in January, but plan on October for sure!

(GUYS: if you want the weekend’s pics — lots more than seen here — sent to you, please email Cassi@WhisperMountain.org and I’ll get them to you!)

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