Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Tom

Are you feeling the need for a little Awesomeness today?! Why, then, welcome Tom to Awesomeness Takes the Stage!


Tom is one of our GITs (Guide In Training) this summer! GITs have a lot of grunt work to see to, but they are also given opportunities to shine in their area of interest and talent!

Tom is a photographer

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

For Tom that ended up being photography! He’s a pretty fun guy and is really natural at connecting with people! He did a super job helping to carry the workload of photography and making sure to GIT his other duties taken care of!

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp

Although Tom knows how to have fun, I’ve seen a pretty great heart poured out from him all summer! He pays attention to people in a way that helps him to be caring and encouraging, He’s open to God’s work of leading and shaping him and allowing others to be used in that role as well, and Tom serves with a smile (or looks for a Tootsie Roll to help him make it through!)

Tom at Whisper Mountain Camp 2Tom, thanks for choosing to spend your summer serving with us! Wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Author + Photo Creds >> Cassi

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