Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Megan

Today you get to meet someone who was on our first ever summer staff team! Pretty crazy, right? Welcome Megan to Awesomeness Takes the Stage, will you?


Megan is very good with details and helps to keep things going forward! This gift coupled with her servant’s heart and thoughtful ways causes her to shine brightly!

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp

She enhances our skits with her flare for drama and offers help occasionally with her photography skills. She has been an overall help in whatever way we are most needing this summer!

Megan at High Ropes

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp 1

Megan excels at always lending a helping hand and cheering people on in whatever ways she can! Her generosity and thoughtfulness bless all who know her!

Megan is Sunflower

Megan is always up for an adventure, especially when it involves connecting with other people in the simple and beautiful and lasting ways!

We love you, Megan! Thank you for wanting to serve with us this summer! You are beautiful!

Author + Photo Creds >> Cassi

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