Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Chelsea

You guys know Chelsea Starr, right? (see her on the 2012, 2013 stages) Well, if you don’t know her, she’s on the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!


Chelsea has served with us for so many years that when she decides she needs to move on, it’s gonna hurt kinda big — in the best of ways — because we love her so! She has grown from someone afraid to pray out loud with others to Lead Guide and shepherdess of many young women, speaking into their lives on a regular basis! Amazing what God can do with an open heart, right?

chelsea and erin


She spends her life pouring into others through intentional relationships. Her effect speaks to the intimate walk she has with Christ. She is so full of love! And joy! and really all the other fruit of the Spirit!

Chelsea has a servants heart

When she’s not giggling, listening to someone, praying with someone, or encouraging someone, she’s serving in whatever way is needed! With the best attitude. Always.


Okay, you’re thinking she’s perfect right?! No, she’s totally human. But Chelsea does walk a beautiful example of someone intimately acquainted with Jesus and living life on mission for Him!

You can read some of Chelsea’s encouraging posts on our blog here, here and here!

Also, did you know Cheslea is one of the founders of BIC Flawless? If you are female, you can find great encouragement visiting their site or following them on Instagram and/or Facebook. Here’s an interview I did with them last year so you can learn a bit more about them! (also, be looking for new #bicflawless apparel in our online store soon!)

Author >> Cassi || Photography >> Tom + Cassi

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