Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Morgan

Today you are in for a treat! Morgs-Morgs is on the stage today! The Awesomeness Takes the Stage, that is!


What began as a camper relationship has transformed into a Guide relationship with us at Whisper Mountain!


If you were to judge a book by its cover, you would decide Morgan is tall, quiet and beautiful! But behind that cover, if you’d spend time perusing the beautiful story that is Morgan, you’d come to know she has a knack for speaking deep truths into ordinary conversations quite unexpectedly and she graciously welcomes people into her moments, making them feel connected and at ease with her!


Morgan-Hoola-GirlLike many quiet people, there’s a wild side to look out for! She knows how to pull out the cray-cray (in the best way) and get you laughing and joining in on all the fun! Which comes in handy here at camp!


I have really enjoyed watching Morgan jump into all that camp requires of her! Her team-player mentality helps strengthen us for sure, but it’s her willing and teachable heart that I most love to see in action! She’s all on board with what needs to be done, and always with a great attitude — because she’s just that awesome! Morgan-Sun

Whether she becomes the professor she’s contemplating becoming or the Lord leads her in a different direction, Morgan is sure to impact her corner of the world through the light she is bravely and more confidently learning to shine! She helps us reach new heights here at Whisper Mountain — ahahahaha! I had to put a cheesy height joke in there — because she doesn’t like that she’s so tall! And she can dish out the sass just as naturally! And because I love her!

 We are thankful the Lord brought her to us this summer! We are glad you are part of the fam, Morgs!

Author >> Cassi || Photo Creds >> Tom + Cassi

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