Summer 2015 >> 5 Stones Middle School

I’m a bit late in sharing last week’s group with you — those middle schoolers filled our camp with noise and, well…middle schoolness (new word for the day!) Look at those faces. This is the future, friends. Are you praying for them?


The super cool part we’d like you to know about is the spiritual victories we saw take place! We aren’t fans of the whole number game, but sometimes knowing all our time and effort is having some effect is massively encouraging. For the leaders of Five Stones, for our staff, for fellow campers — it’s mega boosting to see God working through us! Last week we saw 13 teens come to know Christ as Savior! I sure hope you’re hootin’ and hollering’ because that’s exciting stuff right there! That’s the point of it all…people discovering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Many more chose to get intentional in their relationship with Him, which is equally exciting! Our times need these faith filled world changers!


As you may have seen through our Instagram feed, these guys enjoyed fun and crazy (and gross) times! We thoroughly enjoyed having them with us for the week and look forward to greeting their high school group next week!


Thank you Five Stones and may your faith grow ever stronger as you continue to follow Christ!

(Check out Five Stones on Instagram to catch a few more of their pictures from their week with us!)

Author >> Cassi | Photo Creds >> Cassi’s iphone

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