Jumping In

Jumping-Into-Summer-2015Staff training week is coming to a close which means — ready or not — we are jumping into the ministry of Proclaiming Christ to campers! Training week is a favorite around here because we have the great privilege of seeing the unique ways we’ve all been created, hearing and connecting with the stories of the very different faith journeys of each person, and connecting with each other and God in such deep and intimate ways that ordinary life doesn’t always allow.


Morgan and Amanda Jumping

Seth Jumping

Aaron-Kayaking The fun and adventure, the beauty and quiet — the whole package resonates with who we are as people and who God is calling us to be. Being Whisper Mountain Summer Staff means you find a sense of family, a place to love and be loved, and freedom to grow in Christ no matter where we are on the journey.


Summer 2015 promises to be another summer where we see God move in big but personal ways — to God be the glory!

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