Adopt a Staff


Whisper Mountain’s Summer Staff Team spends the long days of summer pouring out and pouring in. They pour out all their time, energy and heart so they can pour into the teens that come to camp all summer long. The work of our summer staff is completely depleting and exhausting but totally worth it. There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing teens (or anyone for that matter) come to Jesus!

To help fight off any discouragement from weariness, etc. we are looking for people who would like to “adopt” our staff for the summer months. People who would commit (from June-August) to regularly pray for a single staff member, send notes/texts/emails of encouragement and maybe even brighten a week with a random care package.


Gather your small group, a few friends or families to make a real difference in those who are “missionaries” at camp this summer. What do you say? Would you like to adopt?

Email Cassi(at)WhisperMountain(dot)org to get the adoption process started (super simple stuff)!

We thank you for considering being a part! Oh, also: adoptions need to take place by May 25! Can you help spread the word?!

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