she coordinates chaos beautifully


Whisper Mountain would not be functioning if it weren’t for our Chaos Coordinator, Patti! What you don’t know (unless you hold a job position like she does!) is she works her tail off in the behind the scenes operational portion of WM, aka the not so fun part of this camp gig! If you’ve come to camp you’ve probably seen her in the kitchen ( yes, she’s responsible for such goodness ANNNDDD she is accepting applications!!!!!) or hustling on her golf cart to take care of office stuff in between all the cooking.


She leads quietly, having sacrificed a bunch to be serving alongside her man. The road she has chosen would make the average woman bitter, but she has allowed God to make her better by choosing love instead. And she beams with love.


Patti is an encouraging friend, remembering details about people to later bless them unexpectedly. She carries burdens she could easily walk away from. She makes the most of situations, allowing God to use her gifts and talents in ways that bring Him glory. She humbly carries on when no one sees her struggle, affirms her worth, or praises her work.

We are celebrating Patti today. Would you like to join in by leaving an encouraging word for her? The perfect gift for her birthday — cause she’s not thinking they are really worth celebrating anymore!!!!

Have a great day, friends!

One thought on “she coordinates chaos beautifully

  1. Patti, I agree with this post! It is obvious that you do so much to ensure every detail is perfect! I am glad they are celebrating you today! Blessings on you as you continue to serve with a servant’s heart! I wish I were close by and retired so that I could take over as cook to give you more time to attend to other things. Praying God will provide!


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