Celebrating Father Martin


Our morning here in the WM office began with some donut celebrations for Father Martin’s birthday! Is there a better way to begin a Friday?! We don’t think so! Here’s a few reasons we think Marty is worth celebrating:


He is the first to go out on a ledge to help anyone who needs it. His self-sacrificing heart has led us (and touched many of you, we know!)


His heart to humbly seek the Lord in all things causes him to be effective in every day life and especially in this gig of camp ministry!

Marty-with-Boys-at-Paintball Marty-and-Nic Marty-4Wheeler

Whether at work, within family life or at play, his exemplary walk of godly manhood strengthens the men in his circle of influence.



His life teaches us that no job is too small for the servant leader. Do what needs to get done and do it with cheer!


His life is lived with faithfulness in marriage, work, friendship, family, and walking with Jesus. (And we all know behind every great man is an amazing woman!! jk. no, but really.)

Lest you’re beginning to believe him to be a saint, let’s behold the true state of Father Martin…

Hillbilly-Marty Marty-and-Patti-3

…a total goofball!

Celebrate Marty with us by letting him know (in the comments works!) why you celebrate him!

Thanks, friends!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Father Martin

  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Marty!!!!
    We are so thankful the Lord crossed our paths so many years ago. We have been so blessed by your friendship and your family! We pray that you will continue trusting the Lord as he uses you to build His ministry at Whisper Mountain. We love you brother in Christ……Debbie & James Propp


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