5 years with this guy

RP01What started as a two week stay to help with some painting around camp has turned into a five year anniversary serving as full-time staff. We celebrate Ramsey today because without Ramsey we wouldn’t laugh as much, our lingo wouldn’t be as cool, the property wouldn’t be up to par, our unit wouldn’t be as strong, and our hearts wouldn’t be as full. His friendship and camaraderie, his willingness to step up to the plate whenever needed, his growth as a person and follower of Christ inspire us and those who come to Whisper Mountain. If you don’t know him, he has a gift of making anyone feel at home with him. God uses this to encourage many on a regular basis. His loyalty and thoughtfulness to friends, family and those like family brings God glory as he serves with us at Whisper Mountain!

RP03If you have the time, leave him a comment letting him know why you’re glad he’s around! Here’s the link to more about Ramsey through the years!

5 thoughts on “5 years with this guy

  1. Dear Son Ramsey,
    We are so proud and honored to call you our son! The Lord has done a mighty work in you and it has shown up in all you do. Many thanks to Marty, Patti, Cassi, Shaun, Kinsley, Selah and Teagan for pouring their amazing love and friendship into you. You have been a great blessing to Whisper Mountain and many others. May the Lord continue to work in your life and lead you everyday to be the God man that he designed you to be😊

    In Christ our Solid Rock,


  2. Aw, Rams…What great things you have allowed God to do through you in this place. You have touched so many lives and you will never even know the impact you have had this side of Heaven! You have invested well. I know Whisper Mountain will not be the same, the grounds will always have your touch on them. The lives of the Paul’s and the Werner’s count you as family and are richer because of YOU. Hundreds of lives have the mark of Rams on them because you cared enough to want them to see Jesus and the difference He has made in your life. Lives. It’s all about lives. You have done well. I know this is supposed to be about Whisper Mountain, but I am not the same because of your touch on my life. What a blessing you have been to me, an encouragement, an encourager, an extra child I don’t want to do without. Being your other mother is just jackpot! That’s all. I love you so much and I am so VERY proud of you. Because of Jesus.


  3. Ramsey you have been such a blessing to Gods “best”camp in the NC mountains. Thanks Ramsey for your unwavering dedication to WMM, (great pictures your so handsome)
    Love U Mr & Mrs Lee


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