Be Bold

Hello beautiful people! I’m back with new models and new material.  Last month I wrote about the importance of being YOUnique. Well, don’t forget that. Being unique is a way to express yourself and represent Christ.

This month’s feature issssssssssssss: BE BOLD! Now, you may be thinking to yourself “What does that even look like?”

Be BOLD 1Let me introduce you to my roommate Cassandra Sobres.  Her personality is as bold as her shirt. 😉 Cassandra is 21 years old (almost 22, and yes I will be singing Taylor Swift’s song to her on her birthday.) She is a graphic design major, and she loves to eat ice cream.  Something else Cassandra loves is____. Can you guess it? You got it, she LOVES cats.  Now that you know a little bit about Cassandra let me tell you HOW and WHY I think it’s important to be bold in the way you dress.


  1. If you are confident enough in your style, you are probably confident in your own skin.  Don’t be afraid to love yourself. Be BOLD 3
  2. Do you have a favorite animal? Wear it;) I absolutely love cheetah print. The wonderful thing about animal print is that it goes GREAT with a pop of color: reds, blues, yellows, greens, you name it!
  3. Being bold in what you wear is a great way to express that you don’t have to conform to this world’s “standard” to feel beautiful. You KNOW what you love, so you wear it anyways. Be BOLD 4
  4. Ladies, being bold is ABSOLUTELY NOT an excuse to dress immodestly. Mix-match colors every now and then.  Mix-match polka dots and stripes.  Mix-match brown and black.  Be confident. Be BOLD 5
  5. Do you have the saaame olllllldd makeup routine everyyyyy day? Change it up.  Try something different.  Do something bold.  Maybe some purple eyeliner…just kidding, unless you love it AND your mother says it’s okay! 😉

Jesus said if this world hates you keep in mind that it hated me first.   Yes, some may judge or even make fun of you.  But YOU have been bought with a price.  He faced insults and was ridiculed beyond belief.  You are loved by one who sees past what you wear, He sees your heart.  So the next time you pick up an outfit and put it down because you’re afraid of what that one girl will think (don’t act like you haven’t don’t that, we all have 😉 ) put it on and remember these two words: BE BOLD.

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Author & Photography | Kaleigh Stickles

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