Hello beautiful people! Welcome to the first modesty/fashion post! I’m here simply to give you some tips and encouragement. As a girl, I understand the importance of wanting to look your best. Lately though, I have been completely disappointed by the amount of Christian girls who seem to care less about the way they present themselves around their brothers in Christ. We are to be DIFFERENT than the world. Jesus says, “Do not conform but be transformed.”  Remember that you represent the King, so dress like a princess.

BeYOUnique-ArtEach month I will challenge you with a different theme. This month’s challenge is “BE ‘YOU’nique.”  Why be somebody else when you have been blessed with the privilege of being YOU?  In fact, did you know that nobody else in the world can be a better you than you can? I’m serious, look it up. 😉

I would like to introduce you to this month’s models: Jen + Shaina Faieta.  They are sisters with contagious smiles.  Being sisters, they are close and often times swap clothes. Even though they make the perfect team, they are individually unique in their choice of “style.”

BEyouNIQUE 1Shaina is modeling the high wasted maxi, while Jen shows off her flower power. (Flowers are always a good choice J)


BEyouNIQUE-2bJen loves the striped “business” look.  Shaina is rocking her glasses instead of contacts. Ladies, don’t be afraid to be YOU. If you have glasses, own them!

BEyouNIQUE-3Shaina, the aspiring model. Jen, captured at her best (always smiling!)

Express yourself, maybe it’s a pair of sky high heels like Shaina or a pretty pattern like Jen.

BEyouNIQUE-4Paint your nails or grab a purse. Don’t forget to accessorize 😉

BEyouNIQUE-5Sometimes, you just have to tell a sister when she’s being immodest…(literally).

Ladies, there are so many options out there.  Shine Jesus and go get your style on.

For a chance to be featured on this SUPER AWESOME COOL blog in the future take a picture of your style, put it on instagram and use the hashtag #transformed. Show me how you rock it!  

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BEyouNIQUE-6Stay tuned for next month’s feature: BE BOLD.

|Author >> Kaleigh| ^^ |Photography >> Kaleigh| ^^ |Models >> Jen + Shaina Faieta|

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