more than mushroom hunters

What do you get when you cross Mr. Clean with a raffle ticket? Why, a free getaway to Whisper Mountain of course!

Family Getaway at Whisper Mountain CampWe had such a great time with this family (and a couple of their teen friends) when they came from Indiana to enjoy a weekend away from their norm! A holiday extravaganza shopper down in Florida won a raffle giveaway for a weekend at camp. In her generosity, she gave the weekend to a woman who cleans her house in Indiana. Equally parts crazy and awesome, right?! It wasn't my fascination with their Amish backgrounds or their introducing me to some amazing mushrooms (from our own woods) that made me love this family. It was their open heartedness toward life and others that made them dynamic. Their sincere enjoyment in each other. Their likability born from humility.

I know you've heard me say it here before, but one of my favorite parts of being at Whisper Mountain is seeing such a diverse run of people come through our gates. The world is filled with beautiful people with such different stories, yet each one lined with the same scarlet thread. Heaven really is going to be fabulous! I'm glad I get to taste of it down here!

Go share YOU with the world today! Your story is meant to encourage! Your life is meant to add joy to this often joyless world. Don't hold back!

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