coffee for your cup

Whisper mountain camp coffee

We are pretty excited here at Whisper Mountain. And we hope all you coffee enthusiasts will be too! The office and our homes have been smelling heavenly since partnering with a company called Phoenix Community Coffee. They work directly with families of Panama and surrounding countries to offer ethically grown and traded coffee. When you purchase our coffee, $3 of every bag goes directly to Whisper Mountain to help fund our ministry. (We got our first check this month! Felt pretty awesome!) While I must admit, the coffee is more expensive than you may currently pay, you can feel good about spending a little extra knowing you are helping families live this life and find Jesus!

I've put together a one minute promo for the coffee–our guys are awesome, don't you think?:


[if unable to view the video, click here]

Help us spread the word, learn more about it and buy your coffee at! To have the proceeds go to Whisper Mountain you need to buy off of this site.

We appreciate you all and hope to share a cup of joe with you real soon!

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